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Its been a while since I put a post apologies.Been up and about with my other projects but then it hit me,if i dont make this blog a project it will always be on the sidelines-so i have keyed it in as a regular activity.I had a piece written on paper but i cant trace it...need to work on my paperwork before i am soon crowned as HOARDER...i will free style on this,hope it comes out as i wanted it to.

I am an across the board music lover.I can do Neosoul, Jazz, Rhumba, Classical, Reggae, Ragga, Hiphop and all other genres I guess.Today I talk about top three songs are Redemption Song by Bob Marley,World is a Cycle by Richie Spice and Buju Banton's Destiny...

Won't you help to sing 
This songs of freedom 
'Cause all I ever have: 
Redemption songs; 
Redemption songs.

The Sunday before yesterday,I was on air discussing Sunday 15th.If you tuned in,you know how hard it was for me(i broke down on air).But hard as it was, i know i need to be free, of all these things that pull me down,that way below the horizon...and it is not just me,it is all of us;we all have those things that weaken,demoralise,demonise...things that we opt to hold on to because they are all we know,all we've got (I know i went a little in my piece insecurities.

Talking about rape as you heard of it or read about is one thing,talking about your own rape ordeal is beyond.Rape is among the tabooed topics in our society.When we hear about it,our mind automatically go to wonder-land...what was the girl wearing,where was she,what time was is always the girl's fault...sheprovoked the man or worse,led him on...these are the societal rape guidelines.So when a girl gets raped,she cant tell...scrap the fact that it is an abuse of her human right,scrap the psychological and physical did she get rape is the question that lingers in people's minds.So girls suffer in silence,they have esteem make-over and spot a frown everywhere they go...there whole being is pulled down.I know this because I have been there.

In my piece,I know this,I discuss the way we always know stuff,we know about broken promises,we know about poverty in its wholeness from monetary poverty to moral poverty,we know about the governance system,its ills and goodness,we know about hunger and greed to be,ladies we know the damage some relationships get us into but that's all we do;know. As much as knowledge is power,the brain is a muscle and it needs to be exercised,it needs to process that knowledge and come up with conscious thought process which leads to conscious actions otherwise we are no different from those who know not.
Mahatma Gandhi said, 'They cannot take away our self respect if we do not give it to them'  I went on air because someone talked and their talk pulled me from my 6years hole;Vip Ogola-thank you,and after six years i felt this doesnt have to be my little secret,i know i might be going into write-off status in many a book but for the one girl who needs to know someone knows the pain,that needs to know someone has been there before and lives to tell about it,that needs to know that that person has extremely good days and not make believes,that they work on interesting projects and look forward to the day after...that's why i went on air,to let society know that rape is sex without consent irregardless of whether it is between husband and wife,boyfriend and girlfriend or pure strangers,that even old women in long robes and little babies with no round apple bottoms get raped and that has nothing to do with where they were,what they had on and the time,to let the government know that rape isn't something to be shelved because it happens each and every day in homes,in work is real,it happens but in silence, to let the judicial system know its traumatizing how they conduct their proceedings and lastly to let men know that when she says no,she means NO not maybe...

God Almighty works with what we have. When he chose Moses,He asked him what he had in his hand, when Elisha went to the widow,he asked her what she had in her house. To each one of us something is given,some get 5,others 2 and others 1 but we are all given according to our abilities.What you do with your talent really matters.Unfortunately most of us go through life wishing we had this and that,wishing we were,floating  on maybe if...

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; 
None but ourselves can free our minds. 
Let me exercise your brain.You hold the power.You know you have power but you may not know how much power you have. Well let me break it down for you. You have the power to redeem yourself.We are all redeemers in our own right. We redeem when we vote,we redeem when we know our rights and use them positively,we redeem when we opt to say no,we redeem when we know we are not under condemnation,we redeem when we should be down and out but we lift our head on high and live life to the fullest....we are all redeemers in our own right and because we are,we wait not for another,because we are,we are free...wont you help to sing...sing this song of freedom.

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  1. words most amazing, I love this piece

  2. Wow i pictured yu doing it as a apeech n it reminded me of Martin Luther King, i feel what yu mean.yu are a strong person n yur outspokenness is gon go way further than yu think.yu jst redeemed someone

  3. thank you, both of you, thank you for walking with me and living in my lines.

  4. Sitawa dear,there are things that some of us have gone thru in our pasts,but are too ashamed to talk about.n so we hide behind the normal lives tag n pretend it never rili happened so we can continue living a normal life.Problem is,the past keeps haunting us,n it keeps blowing our cover each time!I have been reading your pieces n im proud of u.Proud that you are a voice for the voiceless n for those of us that are not as courageous as you to discuss the "forbidden" topics.God bless you as you continue doing what you do n always remember that indeed you are redeeming someone!i may not heal in a day,or even a month or year,but i take one step at a time n what encourages me the most is that there's someone out there who does understand the pain i go thru!love u gal!

  5. mary I am glad i inspire, if you ever need someone to talk to,