but she is a girl

3:08:00 PM

Somewhere in this country, girls dig holes 
which they sit on until there periods are over

Rose loves Mathematics,
She particularly loves its definitiveness;
How one plus one is always two,
How a formula is standard despite of the numbers;
How the measures applied when dealing with rational 
figures is the same when dealing with irrational one;
How odd numbers experience most of the joys experienced
 by their even counterparts despite not being divisible by two.
Rose would love to grow up and see what lies beyond.
She has heard of a place where she can go and
learn how these formulas came to be;
A place where Calculus and Basic Mathematics
are core units and not some sub-topics you 
rush through to complete a syllabus.
She would love to go to that place,
She would love to spend her 
hours deriving and deducing.

Rose would love to explore;
Walk in the shoes of the greats;
...but she is a girl.
She wants to be a professor,
Come up with formulas and theories;
...but she is a girl.
She wants to be a respectable figure in society,
Be a role model for those before and after;
...but she is a girl.
Good Afternoon Beautiful people...wow!!!its been like a whole month since I really did a post, I feel ashamed to call me a blogger...to my blog family she that once was lost is now found;so help me God. I have several projects running and I love doing my work on paper so the problem is transferring it to the blog.

I will let you in on one of the campaigns I am running and is very dear to me as a woman and as a human being.There many processes that happen in our lives that are beyond our control...surrogates and you likes hold that thought...growth of breasts,pubic hair,erections,monthly periods,they just happen...to some derees we wish they didnt or they did earlier or later or they were not so out there but all in all they are natural processes and they happen.I am working with a Sanibank Consortium,a group that aims to be Kenya's Premier pad depository bank...ok that was a mouthful.Its a bitter reality that girls miss a week of their lives every month because of their pees which begin as early as 9,class 4...if you are my age this is news,if you are my age and a late bloomer like me,it is breaking news.Girls most affected are those from rural areas and urban slums and the families have many other needs,a girl asking for sanitary towels is a major sap to the hand that feeds her.

Through further reading and interactions with organisers of one-off initiatives, I learnt that girls in North Eastern have special huts where they go sit until there pees are over; yep and you thought you had issues.Until other girls come to the hut or a family member remember you you stay in that hut hungry and lonely until your pees are over.Why should the girl suffer for something that is natural I think in as much as have big breasts is something to be celebrated or men thinking a big 'cock' is the ish pees should be put somewhere there,its the mere celebration of womanhood,of fertility,of knowing you can be able to bring life forth,I mean we are God in His very likeness...can I hear a woman scream AMEN!!!I also came across something called Recyclable pads...yep i made that face too.Due to poverty levels,girls out there stitch old clothes together and use them as pads which they will later wash,sun dry and wear tomorrow  which is very unhygienic.For those who know about pads and their importance,prostitution is the way to go.Girls sell themselves for ridiculous prices just to be able to get sanitary towels.Enough of the nature and research lesson,girls out there in this Kenya need your help.Sanibank is lucky to have a local pad manufacturing company on board which has reduced the price to minimal.With Ksh 600 you can buy a carton which will take a girl through school for one year.

Several initiatives have been started and will continue to raise money to buy the towels but they are usually one-offs,someone visits an area,sees the need,mobilizes resources and moves on.I sincerely appreciate the effort,you kept a girl or two in school for that month but what about the other months? Two weeks ago i dedicated my off day to tweet and inbox  about my campaign and i appreciate the response but pledging is just that,pledging and i am not sorry to say it is not good enough.As much as borrowers should come silently,i think i missed that class and i dont care to take it.Chief General of periods wont call a meeting and ask all ovaries to hold that egg until you feel its time to fulfill your pledge...If the Ksh 600 is a little too high,team up in groups of 6,save 20 bob a day for a week and voila you will keep a girl in school for a whole year.Let her miss school because her heart has broken by some omera and she cant function,let her miss because of sickness or something else but not because she is on her periods...(oh and some people pocketing the free primary education money...i wont start on that)

We are using voucher system,so one SHOULD be issued to you for every purchase.Vouchers are available at Sanibank Offices;
Ole Dume Road,off Ngong Road
@Mano Matapo Court
Suite #5
Tel:0724 377 900

I also walk around with some...true hustler hehe...so feel free to visit the office or holla at me through the blog,FB - Sitawa Wafula or Twitter.Points at which vouchers can be found will soon be communicated.Questions,comments,suggestions et al are very welcome.

Email this post to your friends,family and colleagues,print it and pin it on the office notice board,carry it to your worship spot on your Sabbath,this girls need our help.

This is our Kenya,we have waited for others to help build it,in most cases we have had people do the building.It is up to you and me to shape it and command it to the direction we want to it to go.The girls are our daughters,they are our sisters,our cousins and it is up to you and me to make things better for them.

Rose is thinking of the flashy girls in the magazines;
With their tight clothes and wide smiles,
She has her mind on her favorite musician;
And all the places she has been,
She thinks about her teachers, her mother, her aunt
And she wonders if they go through the same,
If they miss a week of their life every month,
If their dreams are diluted by every drop.
If life is different for them,
If their lives, like hers, isn’t as rosy as Mathematics,
If it has no formula,
If it is the very exception of all rules, theories and laws.

Rose loves Mathematics,
She would love to grow up and see what lies beyond.
She wants to be a professor,
Come up with formulas and theories;
...but she is a girl.

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  1. Lack of sanitary towels, keep most of the girls away from school. Almost 60% of her time will be spent outside the school environment because of the natural happening. She can't control it or even differ it for another day. Once the cycle is ripe, she must heed the call.

    Let us not allow the bright future of girls be ruined by something we can help control

  2. Thank you for the support, hope you spread the WORD to your networks.