poetry at discovery - march event

6:20:00 PM

February Event, Poetry at Discovery

Ola Beautiful people,

So my baby,Poetry at discovery, turns ten this month and because it is World Women Month, we will be honoring the greatest woman we share as inhabitants of this land,Kenya.She is our mother and we will honor by speaking her language,Kiswahili

Kiswahili kitukuzwe, kwani ni lugha ya taifa
Baba, mama na vijana, lugha kitu cha maana
Watu wanapokutana bila lugha... watakwama
Kiswahili kitukuzwe, kwani ni lugha ya taifa

There has been debate in recent days on whether schools should teach Kiswahili and if candidates should sit for it as an examinable subject.Everyone has there take on it but i think in as much as it is our National Language,kids should learn it at some point...and for those kids who have 'outgrown' it,Discovery is the place to get that refresher course,on Sat 20th from5p.Guest Poet will be Haji ule wa Bichi Boi plus a wonderful group from Kibera,my boys AZIZA will be in house to mellow it in case we get crashed in the crash course(i know i am dotting but you get what i mean)...and you know i am all for fresh talent so all you first timers better be ready to rock the stage plus i will introducing a new Afro-Jazz group so you better be there.


Tuonane Discovery Jumamosi,
Wenu(or is it wenyu),

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