the mayor of cursed-bridge

2:19:00 PM

He sits on Justice as he helps
the locals look for her

In 1886,British Author,Thomas Hardy wrote a tragic novel titled,The Mayor of Caster bridge,The Life and Death of a Man of Character.It is from this book that I borrow the flow for my piece with relation to 'hot' topics in the country;TJRC,Voter Registration and The Draft Constitution. While i advocate for the last two to be taken seriously and decisions be personal depending on the tastes brought to the tongue,i think the former is a place of special guidance and need for guardianship from those charged with the key keeping role.

Watching news the other day when someone resigned from the entity,i couldn't help but be disgusted by Hon. Mutula's remarks on the TJRC esp when he said that they are being used (by who?) and that he has no confidence in them. I don't know much about the entity and those other members who make it complete,but i know about the mayor and i know about the bridge we as Kenyans have tried to cross over and over to reach Canaan but cant seem to get across.
The Mayor of Cursed-Bridge

Cursed-Bridge stretches from the hearts to the minds of all inhabitants,
its Mayor sold his wife to fuel a habit;
Now he hisses at the witness who dares to bring it out.
The once 'landless' Kenyan holds the Gavel.
He sits on Justice as he helps the locals look for her,
The log in his eye telling him he is fit to speak of the speck in others.
Despite his richly decorated Khaki suit,
He urinates full circle protecting his,
For he is now alone with fruits of misguided privilege,
The Victoria of his time long gone.
He is a tethered goat,
Sleeping to wake up to the demise of the closet hidden in the pit of his stature,
Unaware that cleanliness,not hope,dissolves stenches.

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