i love sitawa because...

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I love Sitawa because...
This week as you may all know was bedridden and i was kinda down given i had scored some deals and i got my seizures when i should i be in board meetings.In Sitawa-ville,i was missing alot,so naturally i was down.But my best friend KJ put the S on his chest and sent me the longest text ever,it just kept buzzing and buzzing and buzzing till i thought the phone had issues.He told me why i am the WORLD'S GREATEST.He rejuvenated me and made me love me more and love him morest,KJ your the best-est,mwaah.

So as I sat in that bed high on valium and some new concoctions that look like cow tablets, i thought there is so much love for me to be down.I have a wonderful family who've always been there through my seizures for the last 8 years n let me be who i desired to be plus KJ for taking me :-) I have just finished an article about seizures for my blog and i went into Sitawazone and decided why not write the things that make me tick in my special super-normal world.
I suggest y'all do this,write down ten things you love about you, and whenever you have a rough day or are going through rough moments pull it out and read it.I have one in my purse,will be stickng another on my bedroom wall and if i come for frequent sleepovers,Triza,Paul,Uncle Musee and Iska,I am sticking one next to where i normally sleep ;)

1.I enjoy writing though I prefer writing on paper than typing and my pieces inspire and motivate,FYI a little more has a two babies,A little more -the sequel by Jemedari and a little less by Poetry Spot plus I'd still be your woman got a marriage proposal,i want to be you man by Justalffie, might have other illegitimate kids out there tihitihi

2.I love my poetry because its been my best friend since time immemorial and its helped me heal and get out of my shell plus our baby Poetry@Discovery turned one year two weeks ago,yippee!!Though i don't read a lot of other people's work,think the full book i have ever read is Sandra Mushi's yet to be released coz i was doing the review.

3.I love running around with orphaned and disadvantaged kids and the way they run to me when I visit and teach them mathematics plus the chalk dust and being called teacher.Did you know when you teach you actually learn?

4. I love sitting with older women doing bead work and listening to stories of the old as we weave,though am yet to finish my first basket,but you know i wear a million beaded bangles at a go.

5.I love it when the phone rings or when I check my mail and get a proposal,someone wants to work with me or just call to say they loved a piece i wrote or my story inspired them.

 6.I love it when I wake up at 3a because of Godspiration to read the Bible or write a paper or poem or just to answer his call and go back to sleep.

7.I love it when someone asks me to give them gig and end up giving the whole event to organize.(will be doing a piece on gig organizing soon) or want me on the team,enjoyed organizing the Industrial Area Remand Prison Party i did with Photojournalist Boniface Mwangi

8.I love it when girls calls or inbox me coz they heard me on radio,read some blog about my rape ordeal or just read my piece Sunday 15th and need to know someone cares,someone knows what they are going through and we cry together and make a pact never to let anything bring us down.

9.Mostly I love the fact that God has a soft spot for me,that He guides me,takes me back when I stray,that He is my all.

10.I love my new best friend who is gradually graduating to BFF, KJ, you make me feel special,you listen to my ranting, i am the greatest poet you know,you made me sing outside the shower(shower is my jurisdiction)you are you and i love you for that, and for the longest text ever that reminded me of me,MWAAH!!!

Feel free to write why you love Sitawa and go on and start your own,we all need that pat on our backs once in a while to keep us going

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  1. I love your positive attitude, your courage, and your appreciation of the things you have listed which make your life rich in ways far beyond money. (Mind you, money is nice too, lol.)

  2. thank you for reading, cosign on the money bit.

  3. yeah... and i love sitawa because she is a listener... and loquacious

  4. I love Sitawa coz she goes on and on even through dark valleys. She is strong