king in hell, servant in heaven

1:31:00 PM

King in Hell,Servant
in Heaven
Its been a whole week,to some just a number of days, to me a life time of hours...I am a king in hell for people praise my words but they know not they are cries of loss,for i am lost,with no direction,almost losing purpose...i rather be in heaven,our heaven,built of nothing but our dreams,a servant but by your side serving you,loving you...

I am a king in hell, a servant in heaven;
Some say its the irony we call life,
Others say its the philosophy that had Jesus hanging between thieves,
But I just live life and leave philosophy to philosophers.
To eat good chicken one must watch out for the green,
I held on to this old gold and my rock is now a greasy pole,
Back to the basic I go,
Remember teachings taught,
Unable to speak my mother tonugue,
I headwrap my maiden name,Sitawa,to preserve my roots,
Sitting on conscious to potray culture.
Outside i learnt today is everything,
So I embraced independence and carefreeness.
Not needing a man to hold me down,
I prayed for a faithful husband as i leech on another's,
Married to money,wishing i had eloped for love.
I am a king in hell, a servant in heaven,
Some say it’s the irony we call life,
Others say it’s the reason the greatest explorer has the greatest percentage of people starving,
But I just live life and leave reasoning to thinkers.
I should let go of my chang’aa can go on to build the nation,
Mine is the drop this ocean needs,
How do I think about their future when I am sure I will bring them forth?
So I keep sipping in oblivion wondering what happened to the lights,
Drowning myself out of sorrow,
Reminiscing on the days we marched side by side,
Way before he got a fast car and drove ahead.
I deleted his number only to dial it off the top of my head.
He was the angel I had always known and before he ODed on taxes,
We had plans to conquer the world,
Now he sees me as the mimic in this circus,
Shouting out loud behind an invisible glass wall,
Ts been a week and i am lost without you...i feel like a king in hell and id rather be a servant in heaven with you,come back to me :'(

I am a king in hell, a servant in heaven,
Some say it’s the irony we call life,
Others say they just hear it happened,
And I’d just live life and leave the sleeping dogs sleep.
Pass them over,
But they are yet to surrogate me and I still feel the suns rays on my ashy skin,
I assimilate Jesus, wash feet and sit at the back hoping to be told there is a reserved spot at the front.
I am a diamond in the rough,
Living like happiness, slaved to be enjoyed,
Walking down the narrow thorny path for the after life.
Staying by the father’s side only for the stray one to eat the cow I fattened.

I am a king in hell, a servant in heaven,
Some say it’s the irony we call life,
Others have a manual to make everyday bearable,
I stopped dying to live because I am living to die.

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  1. wow i js went to sme place else while reading that......great piece