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Sample pack

    First and foremost I would like to thank all my people who came down to The Mall last week to my awareness desk. I was able to raise enough money to buy 25 packets of 5 duo packs...see sample below, which I really appreciated and will go a long way towards helping the girls.(See pictures if you are on FB)

      Pad-Raising, Neo-Soul and Poetry
      Thanks to that meet and greet session, I got some helpful leads besides the amount raised and all the next poetry nights happening in town are dedicating time for me to do the same and I have to say I am super humbled, so mark your diaries as follows;
      • Today,Tuesday 28th Sept - Paragasha 2 by my Co-Ambassador happening down at Club Soundd from 7p
      • Tomorrow, Wednesday 29th Sept - Bar Stool Poetry has dedicated the whole event to my campaign. It goes down at Giggles opp Tropez from 7p
      • Next week, Thur 7th Oct - Wamathai Spoken Word has my campaign as the charity they will be supporting.

      Barstool Poetry, Wed 29th Sept
      So far I have blogged about the campaign, But she is a girl but that was way before I was bed-ridden, I had mentioned it for a while at Discovery and until the desk at The Mall, my campaigning had gone down. Today I will take you through the campaign and answer one or two questions that people brought out during The Mall meet and greet 
      • How does this thing work?
      Basically we do resource mobilization through awareness creation so as to buy sanitary towels for girls. We still do not have a stable donor but several partners who chip in from time to time. Before(as stated in the first blog post) we had a local manufacturer who did a box for Ksh 600, we got lucky to meet Hearts, Lions and Rotary who have the same done for us for Ksh 200 for a pack as shown below. This is a 5 duo pack that can last a girl for one school year. Normally, a duo pack goes for Ksh 130 so having a 5 duo for Ksh 200 is more than a bargain, its a gift...and the Ksh 200 is geared towards shipping the pack to the country.
      • Why pad-raising?
      The whole project is not a one-man show but one ran by a consortium,under the banner Sanibank Consortium consisting NGOs & CBOs, artistes, students and individuals, with a common goal to enhance the education of girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. Most of these organisations advocate for various rights including Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and in their daily on-goings, they all saw that girls from disadvantaged backgrounds miss school from a three to seven days, every month during menstruation periods because they cannot afford comfortable sanitary towels. When they come back, most are not able to cope with their studies due to cumulative effects of their absence from class. In the process of improvising old bed sheets, clothes or towels, many girls get perpetually exposed infections as a result of poor hygiene and ill-attended re-sued  sanitary towels.

      Subject to research and interactions, I have heard from teachers and community representatives from Northern Kenya who said that dig holes on the ground while others use cow dung all in the name of controlling their flow. I bet if it was their wish,they would opt not to have the periods all together but it is not something you can wish away. These factors deny some girls a chance to compete equally with their counterparts who are more privileged and comfortable to stay in school throughout the month. The impacts spill over to the overall performance of victims. This is usually characterized by low morale and poor grade, especially in the primary and secondary national examinations.

      So the overall goal is to have the girls in school and keep her there.

      • Who are your donors?
      Wow, I love this question. Currently we are still searching so if you know someone who would like to take it up as a CSR, we would be more than pleased. But we have been working with well-wishers, people offering to help in distribution transportation, help in this and that and we thank God for all the little steps that have brought us where we are. 

      This week,Poetry nites are giving the campaign an audience, we are open to any suggestions on to push this even further so all ideas and campaign/ resource mobilization strategies are welcome.
      • What do you want from me?
      At The Mall there was this big burger at The Steers window and I was always tempted to say, a burger with fries will do but I always resisted and kept my focus.

      1. Well you can help with awareness creation, tell people about us, what we are all about and if you are in a position to give us a platform to come share, we will very much appreciate so if you are in church ministry, work at a Mall, head an association in your school or work place.
      2. We need more and more and more resources in terms of pads, flyers for publicity, money for making phone calls and making office rounds,for meet and greet so much resources. We thank God for EACOR, one of the NGOs that has given the campaign and office which also acts as a bank for the received sanitary towels before distribution. We also thank The Doshi Group for all the assistance they have given us. We thank Alliance Francaise for offering their hall early this year for a concert on the same.
      We need to ship more of this and support more of them :-)

      • Why bank with Sanibank
      Ok this I have seen in many brochures so i just had to, well if you have been in around for a while you have heard about the one-off campaigns where by people come together, raise enough sanitary towels, distribute and life goes on...well appreciated, you covered a whole slum this month, but what about next month? The aim of the consortium(one person can't do it) is ensure sustainability, it takes part in the monitoring and distribution, we call it a bank because it is that, a bank where people need to keep depositing and girls will keep withdrawing from it.

      BANK WITH US!!!
      CALL +254724377900 to talk to a customer care rep!!!

      Pictures of what has been done so far together we can do more, come show your support at the above mentioned gigs.

      By donating Ksh 200.00 to cater for shipping fee, you will help keep a girl in school, boost her moral and harness her education.

      MPESA: 0724 377 900




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      1. I just found your blog. I would be happy to offer my art for this worthy cause or become a volunteer. If there is such a chance, would you email me? thanks.

      2. i will email you with details love, thank you for the willingness to show support.