one mind, lend your voice mental health campaign - The Launch

5:17:00 PM

My super human powers will be put to test this weekend, managing an event, being a guest of honor and giving an actual speech coupled with performing at one event and making an appearance at another, Free Breast Cancer Clinic.
So BasicNeeds UK in Kenya will officially be launching a Mental Health Awareness Campaign  this Saturday at The Railway Club as part of the World Mental Health Day Celebrations and I am really excited about that because at least there will be an avenue through which awareness can be created and stigma reduced. The event will start with a walk from Kenyatta National Hospital down to Railways where we will have some poetry, band music,your fav band Paragasha will be doing its thing plus free evaluation tests and sketch art,AWESOMICITY. I will also be giving my life story so be sure to be there and have your psyche tested,told you most of us are mentally ill,come see if you are one of us...the cool ones.


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