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10:57:00 AM

Bar Stool where Ksh 11,000 was raised
So on Tuesday Sept 28th,Pad-Raising campaign I blogged about the campaign and my performances to raise awareness. Well they all rocked though I fell, like had a mini-seizure attack at Paragasha...raised Ksh 11,000 at Bar Stool and made a few contacts at Wamathai Sept. Here are some pictures of all the three events.

Paragasha Nite

At Wamathai Sept creating awareness

Remember to keep sending you donations and help the campaign. I have already placed my order and the shipload will be here in two weeks time(beginning of Novemeber) so keep it here for the journey has just began.

Call +254724377900 for more details. We need partners, we need resource mobilisers, we need a hell lot of you so keep it buzzing.


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