my name is sitawa and i am mentally ill (Part 4 - play your part)

1:38:00 PM

Retro - At Nairobi Uni two weeks ago,
*moon years*

The last time I was here, I was drumming for the Mental Health Campaign dubbed one mind,lend your voice which I must say was a huge success. On that same day, I was an invited guest to the UoN Free Breast Cancer Clinic where that retro pic was taken. When all these two events were on and I was running around, I was twitching majorly but something in me couldnt let me sit down. At Nairobi University I was to give a motivation talk to the attendees as the waited in line to get checked as well as do a few pieces. It was an amazing time for me and since I was twitching, I had to begin with the disclaimer as to why I am dancing to imaginery music. To me being an ambassador is more than just the title, it is a way of life. I am seriously contaplating having t-shirts with the message, I am going to be ok, stop staring or yes, I have a music system in my head, jealous?

Play your part;
So after the disclaimer I got down to explaining mental health and talking about my seizure affair and I have taught in my life so I know when students are floating or sinking in class, those one were immersed and completely blown away. So during the Q&A I got the normal dos and donts questions then the question came, 'Are you in a relationship?' Given the angle people perceive persons with metal illness, it is not worrying to see where that question came from. I live in the virtual age so I am in a virtual relationship some call them LDR but hey it is the relationship part that matters. While still on the relationship factor, I identified the third father, yesterday I got see Lakers Player Ron Artest on a Larry King Recording that was done last week when he launched a rather interesting raffle. He decided to auction his NBA Championship ring. Artest, who has been treated for depression, has been outspoken about the importance and value of seeking treatment. His "Win My Bling" raffle raised $120,000 in just one day last week.One thing I have learnt with the mental health advocacy and pad-raising campaign, is that it is not always about money but what you have in your hand. God asked Moses when He was about to send him to free His people, what is that you have in your hand? When I dropped out of school and I had this funny disease with people giving different accounts about it, I must admit it was scary at some point, it still is but not as scary, and it took time for me to realize that I there is more to life than Actuarial (hard statement right there) I had to get out of my comfort zone and be that mad woman listening to imaginary music performing and talking over and over again. Ron Artest I believe is playing his part with what he has, what do you have and what are you doing with it?

Sidenote:It has been a while since I let any other man into my heart to disturb my two permanent residents, Anthony Hamilton and Lyfe Jennings, but as of yesterday, they, Ron included have been verified as the three fathers to my children.

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