Road Trip (part one)

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Last week, Friday, I set out for a road trip/mini poetic tour. The plan was to perform in Nakuru, visit the farm in Kitale and maybe pop into WestFM studio in Bungoma then I am back to Nairobi. That was however not the case, I did all the above *star added on my breast for sticking to the list* and much more. 

Feeling at home - West FM Studios, Bungoma

My first stop was Nakuru where I got to perform at Egerton University, Town Campus, Cultural Week. I had a night appearance after that at The Summit and I have to say I loved both shows and most of all admired the Sitawa that was up on stage. There is some sort of rejuvenation and self inspiration once you leave your comfort zone and explore new heights. I have this things to-do way of living, I always have a list, most of the times too many lists…I live my life on a schedule; it is always this before that, there after here and when I don’t stick to it, I move across the street to complain-Ville. I know it is good to have some order in life, it saves a great deal of time, effort, money and many other resources but once in a while just running naked in the open field may do your game some good. This I know because I ran naked last week and boy didn’t the wind feel so good on my skin. So after the night performance I got into a discussion about in Kenya and how it is as a way of life et al. being much of a paper person I give myself 3/10 in active discussion. As I settled in my room that night, I took time to think, ok it came to me, but I took time to think, that this is it, this is who I am, this is what I have and I have no option but to be the best me I can be in it.

What is that in your hand?
Sometime back, think before I went to bigger, better, brighter, my mantra was what is that in your hand, Ex 4:2. Same as my schedules and thing to-do lists, I do not live by my mantra to the letter, think I have issues with rules and regulations *suffocating* but it sure feels good to have them hanging somewhere on the walls of my mind so that I can look up to them when I am lost and need a boost. I began performing in November 2008, second year anniversary, *woop woop* after hospitalization (my seizure affair). I sure did have all those pee on yourself moments from a whisper, heavy breathing, shaking paper, sweating hands but looking back I thank God for that Tuesday evening, for the strength He gave me not to dissolve in the crowd and actually get on stage, the courage to stand and host a gig for 15 months, I still get those looks from those people who knew back in the day when I couldn’t talk to save my skin, most of all, I thank Him for the strength and courage to share my life, my insecurities, my fears, my dreams and sweat for that is what I have in my hand, the places I have been, places I would like to go.

Many times we look at what we have, what we can do best, what we are comfortable with and quickly brush it away because it is not as good as or as funky as…God gave each one of us according to our ability and it is up to us to capitalize on that lest the ‘little’ we have is taken away.

Part two up tomorrow…

Side note:
Special thanks to everyone who voted for me for the Feather Awards Kenya 2010...Out of the 42000 entries received, I made it to the top 10 in my category and that in itself is testimony that I am appreciated *blush blush* I however did not make it to the top 5 but I am humbled by the love and wish Yvonne Adhiambo, Gloria Borona, Wanuri Kahiu, Joy Mboya and Elizabeth Njoroge all the best.

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  1. I can assure you, Sitawa, you inspire me. That is how much you are appreciated. The accolades don't mean as much as the lives you touh everyday with your strength, creativity and resilience. But I do hope you get some accolades in time :)

  2. blush blushery blush, appreciate the love and support. pray God for strength to keep on, His is all the accolade we need, because when all is said and done, He is all we got.