Industrial Area Remand Prison Christmas Party

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I am the one with the red scarf and wool hat(dont ask) and this is what we did last year
Last year, I spent my Christmas day in Prison, Industrial Area Remand Prison to be precise. Now before you start looking at me like that (not that I haven't slept in- but that is a blog for another day) I spent my day with the prisoners. We had a Christmas Party for them and we bought juice and bread and stocked their library then played some basketball with them. This year, we want to make it bigger by doing Chapo Ndengu for them. It may not be all that for some of you but for them it is a whole new world and you know by now I am an advocate for making new worlds for people, call me Santa and I will sit on your lap ( and all the men say Amen).

We need to raise an amount by Friday so that cooking can start, we already have an Mpesa number 0719760606 and it is waiting for you to send something. A packet of Unga is Ksh 120 and we need enough for 2500 prisoners, you do the math and ask as many of your friends as you possibly can to help make their day. We will also have some games happening so register on  the same number too.I know some people are thinking they are prisoners they should not even have food for all you care, but despite it all they are humans and we are doing it from a human point of view so lets do this.

Here are some of the pix from last year's event;

The ladies who came through with the warden

Check out my ass, I can play ball

The books donated

All the volunteers together with organizing team

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