Mwili wangu, Chaguo langu

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Kenya's campaign poster
I have kept from blogging about this project because I believe in success stories, y'all know I do, so I wanted to talk about it when one I have heard true life stories of sex workers and the brutality they go through in the line of duty either from the police or their clients or you and me who do not use their services but have an opinion about them. So there I was trying to make a media kit emphasis on lingo and the level of awareness that the sex workers have with regards to HIV and protection, investing et al. I met some on Tuesday at the event planning meeting and they were amazing people with plans for their lives, with things they believe in and hearts, hearts that get hurt, they need respect, they are human at the end of the day despite their line of work. 

Why I Campaign?
So there I was and it was intro time and I was asked why are you here. It wasnt something I had to dig deep into my vaults to remove. I was there because I believe in Human Rights, I might not be that vocal, banner carrying, tear gas kati-ing activist but in my own special way I do subscribe to Human Rights, right of association, right to life, right to express thyself, right to access information, right to health and all other basic needs some may take for granted or worse of may not they have a right to and see as a privilege. Looking at the two campaigns I hold dear, mental health and girl child pad raising, you note i do them one because I am in those spheres, I have my seizures and our affair is an open secret and I have lost jobs and other opportunities because of them, the meds don't cost peanuts and if the government (naomba serikali haha) could subsidize or do something about mental health to be treated not better than but as other health issues it would be better, girl child missing school because they have no sanitary towels and using sheets and old pieces of clothes that embarrass is not something they chose, same way i didn't dare this seizure lightning to strike me. I dropped out of Actuarial school so I know how to lose the love of your life for things beyond you can be. That is why those campaigns are dear, they are me re-incarnated. I however know it doesn't stop there, if you have heard my piece, i know things, you know it is one thing to know things and it is another to work on those things. I AM WORKING ON THINGS,EVERYDAY EVERY TIME EVERY WAY I CAN!!!

Commercial Sex Workers
I also got raped in 2003 and i have Proj Sun 15th which is a silent discussion meet and greet for victims and survivors and among those who come through talk about the violence involved and when I saw there is a day marked internationally to end violence against Sex Workers, I had to be part of it. To reach out to sex workers and hear their stories, share their pain and as we do it in Proj Sun 15 meetings, laugh and cry together. At the meeting on Tuesday, I meet a male sex worker so aware of his rights and what he wants I felt ashamed one because when I was giving a point I said commercial sex worker, he said that has been his way of earning a living for the past 22years and he was well groomed, he knew the organizations, the who and how and he said when any other professional is spoken about, they are their profession period and they do it for money but never are they a commercial sth sth.That hit me hard, I had introduced myself as a poet, an events planner but not a commercial poet even though I earn money from my words or event planning services. Another thing that made me love him was the fact that he is more aware of his trade and the laws surrounding it more than half of us, quick one how many artists know about the Culture Policy? That there is no Art Bill in Kenya, do you know what is says about Intellectual property and the role of culture, national value? 

About the event
So tomorrow we will have a silent walk from K-street to Sarakasi Dome - theme is Mwili Wangu, Chaguo Langu. Talks have been done, projects started about rehabilitation and yep yep you know the results, kinda reminds me of my piece a little more. Before and after all the bright and not so bright ideas about sexual workers come into effect, what about those who are already there, what about the children they are raising, they need basic needs, what about those who do it safely, earn their dues and leave in piece? If you have watched Confessions of a call girl you know their is no difference between the sex worker in Hurlingham living in a posh apartment and the lady in Majengo.I am here to teach and connect with the peer groups and individuals, to fight for human rights, irregardless of whether they are uptown, downtown or no town.

Hope to see you at Sarakasi Dome or walk beside you from Kstreet tomorrow.

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  1. am part of the project lets end violence to the sex workers.we'll meet @the sarakasi dome.