You snooze, You lose

5:01:00 AM

As usual am up at 3a, I love calling it night running. So I have two new projects coming up, excitement. One is very personal, one of those they say will change the face of Sitawa ville and its habitants, meaning everyone who consumes from my plate and the other is social impact. Every Christmas and when I can, I try to give back irregardless of the fact that am not a millionaire, hey they say practise makes perfect, right? Last year together with award winning (i had to put that there lol) photojournalist Boniface Mwangi we did a Christmas Party for inmates at Industrial Area Remand Prison and it was awesome, we stocked their library, bought foodstuff and best part played basketball with them and your girl did a three pointer dank, what do you know about that. Back to today, You'll know I love planning/logistics/conceptualizing and I do it everywhere and anywhere so that was a sail in the ocean for this fish. This year I will say what big mouth companies say, WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!

Back to me
Well the first project is something I have been dreaming about since I was little. You know those dreams you have like driving a fancy car, travelling the world and twitpicing, ok postcarding was my dream just to make the rest of jealous, thats me getting personal, dreams of living with Mr. Money Bags or having a mosquito waist by your side, yep it was one of those. The idea has always been popping but like a john up when am trying to get other things done, i quickly pour cold water on it and move on. Focus is key, we need to concentrate and give our all in all we do. I know I work best at wee hours like now then go on holiday during the day. But sometimes john just wants to stand up and sometimes he stands up and gets you a deal no amount of conceptualizing, wining, dining and gyming would have done. Yesterday someone proposed something that made me think truly there is nothng new in this world and reaffirmed God is real, we need to be reminded. I learnt that sometimes I got to think with the other head, metaphorically speaking. The idea they had was my idea that just needed some touch up, which I did some research on and voila, am about to work on the structure as soon as I am through with this post and as the singer said, things will never be the same again.

Problem is
It is always good to point out loop holes in your projects,the SWOT analysis kinda thing. Countless times we have heard there is power in our thoughts, our words have authority et al and for me to get this chance, to get do this project in real time, 3D not in my head,linear form, that concept has been stamped right on my forehead. I know judging from past happenings, I fear so much that I will not be able to until I am not able to because my thought process has been programmed using the unable to code so I have to work so hard to decode it using the able to code aka our deepest fear mantra.

My picture today is a view from my window, I always look outside my window when I wake up and it was my inspiration this morning. Seeing all those lights out, no matatus honking, bliss i tell you. Our lives are like the dark of the night with a few light bulbs, if they turn to be day or remain light bulbs that will eventually die out, its upto us.

Choose this day to fan that bulb and use a little more of your brain, not for the boss, not for the competition, not for some boy to say that there is an industrious woman that I should cop, no, fan it so that you will have some light semblence today and a full blown sun tomorrow. It does take time, energy, brain power (decoding negativity) but once you believe in you, nothing can stop you, so this day forth, I aint snoozing for I know I have lost so much and if I didnt count my losses then,too bad because thats so last season. I just needed to share this, depending on whatever project you got, hey, waking up and living today without messing it up and actually having something done even if it saying hi to someone or smiling or giving them right of way, that my friend is a project and if you snooze at it you will have lost 13th December 2010, a day you will never see again, make it count.

Have a lovely day and remember, it is never too late to pick up those pieces and live it up. You only lose when you know you should but you dont. Hit me up with your snooze stories and we can raise the alarm together and let our sun shine brighter than bright.


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  1. hey my dia,u've really inspired me and made me think of doing something special for the less fortunate this christmass.thanx for reminding us that we don't have to have alot to give but with the little we have to always share and make someone smile.kisses