change of workshop location and time

9:14:00 PM

My sincere apologies to y'all who were looking forward to some poetic moments at Club Metro. Well we still hanging out poetically but at a different location, King's Element on Ngong Rd, just a few meters from The Junction down Naivasha Rd just before you get to Mama Oliech's place. I have also moved the time from 10a to 11a so that you can have an hour to get your bearing around Railways, catch a 102 and get to the superb venue.

My sincerest apolgies for the last minute change of location but it is worth it. The sessions go on as earlier indicated with the first hour being lecture and second poetry reviews. Got a special guest from the UK, spent two days with her and she is blissment and y'all know I love to share. She will do a thigh view aka preview of her work before a full blown show later in the month.

Kindly spread the word. Change of time. Change of location.


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