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I have to admit that I last followed hiphop trends days when KrissKross were the in thing, Amen...KrissKross gonna make you jump aha aha, jump jump , Naughty by nature, LostBoyz...Renee and I'm in a mix yep thats how far behind I am and how can I forget the dude who had nice long hair. He was from that group that sang meet you at the cross roads, enough old school lessons.Someone school me Tupc was hip hop right?

Anyway, I recently met an interesting group, The Black Chamber Movement (Group of Kenyans living in the Diaspora) and had a convo with one of the members, Dezyne and he was on about how he was hooking up with one of the Run DMC dudes, ok that was greek to me. The part that really got to me was when he asked me twice you dont know Run DMC and I had to get on my google as soon as that convo was over and yep I followed the Rev a little on twitter, re lated with there rise and come back trials and  I loved what I read. Soon after that I was listening to a podcast by black voices and it was about the hip hop movement and lordy lord some of us are mis-schooled. It aint about rap but also has graffitti, beatboxing(shout out to my man Pepe Haze), there is a whole school of thought right there and  the more I read it the more I thought I am going to work with this group.

Long story short, I will be holding a promotional event aka a listening party for them at King's Element on Saturday 15th from 8p. Our very own Jemedari and the lovely Monaja will also be in the house *yaay* you know I am team support local talent remember it is free and it starts at 8p and I got a recorded interview from them since they wont be in the country but they will be visiting soon. If you are a hiphop head and want to know what Kenyans in the diaspora are onto here is your chance to get up and personal with them.

To promote their music,I will be giving out CDs all this week, check my FB fan page or twitter for Question of the day.

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