One mind lend your voice campaign

5:55:00 PM


Ola beautiful people,

Bet you have already heard about it, Kenya's greatest female boxer is in Mathari Hosp so this is not news. I however write to you because of some blogs I have read and the level of ignorance among our peers as they are the ones who run most of the blogs. I bet you have read and had a few laughs about some of the content and theories people have. In one blog I read that Calif's Jimwat has Schzophrenia and had a few attacks while on tour in Sweden and got admitted there and has since been dropped by the record label. I am not sure how true this is but all I would like to urge you as advocates is to be the voice for all the PMIs. Conje cant talk for herself now but we can. through the comments we post on blogs people share with us, through our status updates, through the contributions we make when sitted in a group talking about 'crazy' people. Teach someone something new today, break a mind set and whisper a prayer for Conje and all the PMIs prominent or otherwise,ONE MIND LEND YOUR VOICE!!!

Loads of love,

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