36hrs to go; Official launch countdown #booksnblogs

7:27:00 AM

Me in my office that works as my bedroom in the evening, all the self employed people say amen.
Wow, how days fly. 1st June was weeks away now it is hours away and some of which I will spend in bed sleepy, the thought breaks me. 

Organizing an event for other people, on other people's time and money is something else but organizing your own event on your time which may be limited especially since you spent last week working on Sawa Sawa Festival Workshops and had your regular #sitawapoetry changes things completely, PS: And you have no money because your medical expenses are way above all else, sululu. That is where panic rolls in.

Post Poetry at Discovery blues
I think if I died today, organising and hosting Poetry at Discovery would go down as one of my greatest achievements. I still get emails and on Sunday when I went for my first Kinanda Fest, I met a whole bunch of Poetry at Discovery loyals who wanted to know when Season 2 will be coming, almost one year after I stopped the gig. I am glad that God used me to empower aspiring poets through that gig, give people hosting their own gigs the strength and courage to stand before an audience and be voices of authority. Yes that is panic stage two right there, the worms in my head keep asking will it match up to Poetry at Discovery and others say but this is not poetry then the first ones ask what about the quality and decor, who launched without top of the art decor and maybe a red carpet and wine for the guests and a guest book and...(ok I am really panic-ed, I dont know how it will go ok I know it will rock I am sending positive vibes to myself and the event we can do this team Sitawa but what does one wear when they host a reading club, I am not big on clothes just earring and bangles-not that thats all I will be wearing or can I play the Empire's new clothes card as the launch surprise? Lord have mercy on your daughter)

Hi, I am Harriet Gilbert from the BBCWorld Book Club
Different people have different podcasts and music on their phones, I have music obviously including Mr.Military's Stay in love song which inspired a poem, Ana ji Nubi which I will say for the first time at Kwani? open mic June 7th when I am guest poet and I havent rehearsed nor picked out pieces I will share (panic level 3, back to life, I will blog about that after the launch) I also have two poems, Sweet Memories from Ghana's Mutombo; it is a spoken word verse from his upcoming album Photosentenses and our own Wamathai, if you have talked to him on phone you know why I have him or my phone. Then I have podcasts, BBC World Book Club podcasts, Harriet Gilbert hosted BBC WBC podcasts. Last night I slept listening to those podcasts, listening to her voice and how she hosts her show, I have to admit before I got to bed I was watching The Ellen Show and I was absorbing the whole stage and the black brother on the decks and I was getting ideas until J-lo was guest and she has the most amazing pants, you can figure the rest.

The show
I feel like it is High School all over and we have exams and I havent read everything and I am telling myself what I havent read is not important or will confuse me more. Today will be spent reminding self to inhale and exhale. I cannot afford to reach panic level 4 and miss hosting the gig altogether. I will not focus on the negative which includes the fact that Kajwang decided he is not letting go of his third generation ID dream which made the lady at the bureau not give me money because I have a waiting card dated last year so I have to try today when I have a secret code aargh, I will not focus on the fact that I am not focusing on that fact because the worms will tell me I do not care but I do, very much. All my energies will be on the fact that I have lovely readers, Zawadi Nyong'o, author of the book we will be reading from, When I dare to be powerful, Daughtie Ogutu, a former sex worker who will be reading her own story from the book and Capital FM's Laura Walubengo. I will focus on the fact that I am working with Ashok, one of the many Indians I love engaging with. I will focus on Mr.Military and the support given. I will focus on the magnititude of the inspiration behind the event, the power of the written word, the opportunity granted to bring people together and drink from that fountain. I will focus on all the authors in my country and bloggers who do amazing stories but do not have that much audience, that much appreciation. I will focus on Murage (the oldest man to enter school after free Primary Education was introduced) and his desire to know how to read so that he can read the Bible for himself. I will focus on the fact that I am a young Kenyan woman who is not sitting around despite it all nikiomba serikali but I am doing something my serikali isnt, sparking a reading revolution, letting people know how to emancipate themselves because next time round,serekali itatuomba, na si maombi ya peni mbili, ya kujenga barabara, la, maombi ya kutoa nyoka pangoni.
I will focus on the fact that this is me, daring to be powerful.


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