Happy Africa Day

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That is me doing an Africa Power thing
(if there is an African Power thing) in the ladies
One thing I love about the traffic and having a mobile phone is that you can work in the lovely Nairobi sun, peeping at couples in their vehicles, listening to ridiculous discussion topics from fellow commuters and the most interesting accounts and lingo from the driver and his conductor. Yes I am having one of those love life, love my city, adore my country and continent days.

Yes I discovered today was Africa day.I didnt know there was a day set aside to celebrate Africa...interesting. Well for those who don't know Africa day is the day is celebrated as a commemoration of May 25th 1963 which is the date OAU now AU (African Union) was founded. Another wow, the government will be providing Sanitary towels for girls in schools from the next financial year, read more,  I pray it is not a campaigning tool since next year is election year.

Sawa Sawa Festival Workshops
Beside being into the weather and traffic, I had an uber day, I met new friends yaaay, was called Queen Ifrica and her Empress again(the last time was when I was performing at WaPI/Amani Lazima Kibera event) by a totally different group of Rastafarians I met. I am beginning to think I should add that Empress title to my name since I have never had a nickname. All this happened at the first day of a three day Sawa Sawa Festival Workshops. The crowd was a mix of acrobatic dancers from Sarakasi Trust, I saw their act after the workshop, when I become flexible, I will be them. Then there was a group from Miss Koch, short for Korogocho, I had lunch with Mr. Koch ok we sat on the same table, grand work they are doing in the slums and as usual I was swept away and I think you will be hearing tales from there soon, so help me God. Then there was Kijiji Culture from Huruma, they do the rastafarian beads,an interesting mix, lovely people.

Today's topic was on Integrity in Action: Accountability of self and society facilitated by the amazing Sheila Masinde from Transparency International; omwana mlai, ok thats suppose to be luhya for bonita belle. She took us through integrity, accountabilty both to self and society, value and leadership. I will not be Sheila and take you through the day's activities but will highlight the exciting bits.

Integrity is...
Quiz time;You work for this company, lets call it Her Empresses', we are having Africa Day celebrations day because we are African and this is our day, we task you with purchases, sodas et al and for filing and accountability, we ask for a reciept after purchases, you go to the local kiosk and the dude does do reciepts but understands that the company needs so he gives you a blank one you key in. Will you put the right amount or cook your own figures. PS: It is that time of the month when money and its relatives moved out of your house. What do you do?

Think for a bit. Well most of the people said it depends, if I am broke and it is an opportunity that had brought itself, why not? said one participant. 'The big dogs of the companies always doctor reciepts so why shouldnt I?' said another. What do you say? If you think it depends on the situation, then when they were doing the Goldenberg and other illegal deals, when Chris Okemo and the KPLC guy I think, we doing their deals I believe they were a little broke and they had a blank cheque.

Quotes I loved;
It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do; for which we are accountable - Moliere, French Actor

Self accountability is doing the right thing in the right manner for the right reasons and with the right attitude (yes it brought that high school teacher back to mind)

Something I stress and will keep stressing, the Constitution. I once dedicated a Poetry at Discovery night to it, Defining our Rights I tittled it, I talked about it when doing Creative Voices for Advocacy Skill Factory for WaPI and will keep at it. Of the approximately 50 attendees only 4 of us had read the constitution, sad state of affairs. Ok with all the talk on integrity you know therehas to be discussion on values. The constitution outlines them in Article 10(2)(a-d).

Amb Dr. Hukka Wario, Dir of National Anti-corruption campaign said,'If you lose money, you've lost nothing, if you suffer ill health, you've lost something, if you lose your character you've lost everything.

I think that quote sums it up. We got to also watch Kikulacho, a recount from the first MP to be killed, Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki to the 2007/8 PEV and it has poetry by Githuku, you know my love and respect for this Kenyan. I got me a copy so you know I will do a review plus I have autoed copies of Tony Smitta Mochama's Road to Eldoret and Philo Ikonya's This bread of Peace(also autoed, I love my job so yes my Kenyan writer's library is growing.) All which touch the same thing, I am also back to writing poetry that doesnt involve my latest crush so I am also looking forward to when I am done with these three.(Again I love my job)

Empowerment, Celebrating Femininity
Tomorrow I conduct the workshop,my theme is Empowerment and Women which is line with the festival's theme,Celebrating Femininity. In a way it is in tune with the African Day theme; Accelerating Youth Empowernment for Sustainable Development which is summary of what most of the participants said they would do if they were president for a day. I will make them president for everyday so help me God. I believe we are all leaders in our own right. Maybe I will touch on Sex and Reproductive Rights since Saturday thats what we celebrate (Is it me or these days are many, Emanicipation it is). Think I will also celebrate being a rape survivor and raising from set backs which is what most young people cry to be redeemed from,that is my contribution to this Great Continent, whats yours?

Have a lovely evening, be inspired and inspire someone this evening and all the days of your life. Ooh and do the chakacha or mwomboko or mugithi or play some Isikuti, Nyatiti or any African tune.


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