Designers and models hoya!!! Runway254 call out , register now #runway254

9:05:00 PM

Me(in the black tee) with the models who walked the first runway254 (;

Well they say time flies when you are busy, that saying is sweetness to my ears in moments such as this, well the next books and blogs is less than a week away, next Wednesday and i will be featuring Smitta, looking forward to that.

I am currently preoccupied with the next runway254 and yes if you heard or didnt I am organizing the Kenyan 100 thousand poets for change, Sept 24th woop woop, doing a post about that in a bit. I want to make an open call to designers (fashion and jewelry) plus models, kindly fill either of the forms and pass them on.

Designers Participation form
Models Participation Form

Mapenzi tele,

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  1. Hey,

    I am so proud of you, you cannot begin to imagine. Keep doing what you are doing. Although I am not in Kenya, know I shall be attending each and every event you host or are a part of in spirit. When I am in Kenya and you are hosting an event trust me, I shall participate. If you need anything, creative initiative don't be afraid to ask :) LOVE YOU LOTS

    Liz K