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Earlier in the year when we were hitting the road with the mental health campaign, One Mind Lend your voice (@onemindke) we got wind that the Minister of Medical services, Prof. Anyang' Nyong'o was out of the country for cancer treatment. It was a draw back to some extend as he was to be our patron after a request we made during last year's World Mental Health Day celebrations.We,along all other Kenyans, followed and walked with him through regular articles until he came back home and announced that he will be doing something for cancer in Africa.

Inspiration called Africa Cancer Foundation
Yesterday I had the privilege to sit in the planning meeting having being appointed Programme Coordinator during the launch day,July 12th. In the room were saw four cancer survivors, including Doris Mayoli, the lady whose life story Kanji Mbugua sang about, tell their stories. As I listened to their stories, the following resounded; Ignorance, Lack of information/research, there were cases of late and inaccurate detection, with one guy, Ferdinand, vice Chair of Penzo gave a story of a friend diagnosed with malaria instead of Leukemia and eventually died. When they started talking about the amount of money needed for sessions, they lost me, it is damn expensive, one lady Pamela said when tests where being done, she had to wait for them to be taken to South Africa, seriously? Africa Cancer Foundation aims to tackle all this and much more. It is a source of hope and inspiration to many including me. It aims to work through partnerships,research and much more.

Because I care
Listening to recounts from the four survivors or victors as Doris prefers to be called, I saw how much emotional drainage there is in being a cancer patient over and above the financial et al. I know I would love to see how the mental health campaign can come through and partner with the patients and the foundation as a whole. When we do the recruitment and awareness campaigns, these are some of the triggers we talk about so I sat there and felt challenged when all these people talked, this is not just a cancer thing, it is our thing. and I love their tag line, Because we care.

After the meeting I met my pal in the jav and was pushed to go read The Parable of the Talents and if you follow me, you know what my update was. I feel like it is time I moved from having Exodus 4:20 as a tag line because it no longer holds water. I am not where I was last year when I was writing about my seizure affair and saying at least I can hold my own cup of tea, at least I can take myself to the loo. I am escalated to the level where I can say I have been given what I have according to my ability, all these experiences, all these encounters and it is now up to me to do something with what I have. I can be content with the fact that things are better, they could be worse or I can do loads now that things are better. I choose the latter and I thank God for all the people, experiences, places and events that have come my way.

Have an upward forward day and be sure to join me this evening as I host The Road to Eldoret Author, Tony Smitta Mochama at Crooked Q rooftop, 7p, Ksh 200

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