Lam Tungwar, my African Child of the Day, who is yours and why?

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Today is the day of the African Child,I just checked into google to see what the theme for this year is and was taken aback by the Total Lunar Eclipse,guess the guy working on it is still in yesterday and when today comes he will change it to show African children, but if he has a picture of a malnourished child I vote against him displaying anything.
My plan for the Day
I knew well in advance that today was the day of the African Child because I was on with Story Moja for breaking the world record at Nyayo Stadium; having the most people reading together at the same place. Due to one, two, three things that was cancelled or rather changed to be the most people reading at the same time in different locations. Being a one track minded human, I did not catch the latter and knew the whole thing was postponed till last evening when I learnt the thing is still on and well I wont bore you with the process of getting my mind to shift gears, sad to say I did not participate in the event but I participate in celebrating  an African Child(hope it translates to something). PS:The story that they all read at 9.00 in the morning is Lydia's Gift, you can still read it out loud.

The Day of the African Child
Many a time we mark days because a theme has been thrown our way and many times a few coins, ukweli uwongo. This day I am glad to announce originated from a true African happening,a march by black school children in Soweto South Africa protesting the inferior quality of their education and demanded their right to be taught in their own language, hundreds of these children were shot down. The day is therefore in honour of them and this year, the focus is on street children. Knowing that is enough for me to celebrate the day and go ahead and honor my African child, former war child and artist, Lam Tungwar.

Lam Tungwar
Many people know Lam from different angles, maybe the first first videos when Christian music videos started hitting the scene, the uber dark guy with blonde dreads,  if you are in the activism scene you know him as a UN Messenger of Truth or if know about Jal, you probably have spotted him in one of his videos and know he is a voice of the people of Southern Sudan. I got to know about him through all the above and finally got to know him through a project I am working on with a group that aids Southern Sudanese widows and orphans, Hope Ofiriha .I was expressively drawn by his story from life as a war child fighting in Southern Sudan, the trek to Kenya, life in Kakuma Camp, the birth of Southern Sudanese Arttists Association, the beauty pageants for the girls, the no guns project and the list goes on and on. He is such an inspiration and the focus this man has is beyond.

We still have heroes,African heroes
I recently came across a poem by Yemeni born Sanasino (@sanasino) called I am Yemen. The pieces talks about all the good things about Yemen. Well before that piece, Yemen was to me about bombs and women all wrapped up. I am Yemen took me aback and challenged me to write positively, to think positively so I have abstained from writing any poetry pieces unless they have something positive because it is me who needs to be that change I hope to see. Lam is also another challenging factor for he recently started something that blew me off my feet, the Lam Tungwar Foundation which aims at housing around 200 street kids and giving them an education which happens to be the theme of the day. I know I try to do good but these two are among many other aspects that make me sit back and see trying is just not enough. I need to start doing, one African child at a time. I know I need not start a foundation or lead a hunger strike but every little aspect about me that says African needs to show its positivity for it has a truckload of all that and much more if only we took the time and yeah stayed in love.

Lam Tungwar goes up on my wall as African Child of the day and I pray that God keeps him and blesses the work of his hands,who is up on your wall and why?

Happy Day of the African Child to you all. 

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