My date w/ Congolese ladies (#sunday15th)

10:02:00 PM

Ming at the far end, me and my big hair plus the lovely Congelese ladies
I hope you had a lovely day, as much as I did. Church really rocked, passie took us way back, leading worship and having all the elder join him on the pulpit and do the twist, if you know that dance, jig alittle.After church I met up with Ming, an America lady who saw me perform at Kwani open mic, she like others who were touched by my mentioning that I am a rape survivor, hands up to all the survivors in the house. She got in touch and told me about some refugee ladies from Congo that she is doing some theatre with and they have a skit on rape which I should see and maybe talk to them about rape. You know I cant miss a chance to emancipate. I always see how much I suffered when I got raped and I wouldnt want any man, woman or child to go through the same and not have someone to talk to or worse of not know what to do.

Ming is amazing with the girls given that she doesn't understand Kiswahili, which I found really sexy as they it is laced with Congo french, baba ba Mungu. So despite all that, she has led them to do an amazing presentation for World Refugee Day. They did a skit on the journey from the Congo and what they go through till they get to Kenya, then the agonizing encounter with agency officers before being placed in camps.
It made me all goosepimpled and think about all my Southern Sudanese pals, the child soldiers who walked all the way to Kenya fleeing the war in Sudan, the rise from all that to follow their artistic passions to uplift themselves and those around them, be role models and are now leaders, to my military man, you are such an inspiration and I pray for glory to glory.

I cannot quiet recall the theme of this year's World Refugee Day but I remember that amazing super duper women from the Congo will be doing something to emancipate, to talk against the ills that happened to them because they are women. This comes well in when I was crafting ideas for June 15th when I celebrate 8years of womanhood aka a rape survivor, before it was a curse but now it is a source of inspiration for so many women. I am glad that the Lord brought me through this and made me a coffee bean. If you know a rape survivor or are one, do not feel alone, we are a movement now also here to shoulder each other, at least I know I am.


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