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Come see some of the best fashion designers and jewellers
plus know where I get my stuff from.

If you watched my Money Matters Interview you are probably among the people who cant get over the earrings I was spotting for #booksnblogs launch, well thanks for noticing and for the compliments and special thanks to (@justalffie) and (@aleyajamel) you know what you did that Sunday afternoon at #kinandafest5.Well you all know I loooove to share, so those who asked for the earrings, I am not sharing them but I am sharing where I got them by presenting Runway254.
Runway 254 is a platform put together for emerging Fashion and Jewelry designers to showcase their designs. It's going down on June 10th at the CROOKED Q's Rooftop which will be filled with beautiful people, amazing jewelry, clothes...and music of course for only 200 shillings!!! So critics, fashion lovers and obsessives; be there at 6.30pm sharp.

Among the designers showcasing include;

a) Fashion by Achie Otigo(Like on FB)
Well I know her as Melissa and she is an amazing mami, I have been planning to do this forever, with her as adviser on the fashion side but eeeh that is another story, we are here to honor fashion. Well Melissa makes the cutest clutch bags. In her own words, 
Achie Otigo, the “Afro-haute,”  ”She-spoke” label was inspired by my mother’s passion for dress making. She used to make my brothers and I beautiful cloths when we were kids on her off days from nursing; something i came to really appreciate in 2002 when my affair with Art, and inadvertently Fashion began. It officially debuted on September 23rd 2010 as a “she-spoke” label focusing on making unique,ultra-chic and affordable pieces. We deal in women’s apparel (i.e) Dresses, skirts, tops, jackets n’ coats, pants n’ shorts as well as clutch purses and totes. All one has to do is pick the design, get measured and have it custom made to suit you.

See more of her stuff here;
 b) Neema Mkarye
I met Neema through Melissa and she is a model / fashion designer, she got the height, not that those without cant hack it plus she does the turban, you know I am a sucker for headwraps so I loved her, the things that tickle my fancy. About her designs, her line is called BENDIGA which she describes as;
an elusive mix of comfortable, casual clothing with high-end sultry designs. during the show case I will display African Couture. I will be doing a mix of coutures in the future. my aim is to take African wear to the most simple, decent and elegant.
c)Gorge(Like Gorge)
Well Gorge is co-owed by my high school mami,Mwikali Kayakih(@katyndah) if you are my age you have one of those. They do loads of earrings and neck pieces. See more of their pieces and let them speak to you on their blog. Follow on twitter(@gorgenbi), they will be doing clothes real soon.

d)Carol Tichie
Carol came for yesterday's mixer in an amazing purple skirt and black blazer which she made, I know where I will be getting my official wear. The thing with emerging designers is that they design, they market, they distribute all by themselves, which is amazing but imagine how much more they can do if they concentrated in one thing. Thats what Runway254 wants to do, promote, network et al.

e)Namour Design
This house belongs to Julia who says her line is;
About contemporary designs than incorporate the latest trends.My inspiration comes from the need to own a certain piece of clothing which inturn pushes  me towards making for both me and my clients.

Our Stylist
I have to say this is almost a family affair, I just got a call from one of my old students, Namnyak Odupoy(@namnyakodupoy), better known to most as a superb model, has offered to come on board as a stylist. How amazing is that.

Well I think I have said enough, if I say more, I will spoil the event, so see you there, 

RSVP in any of the following;
Twitter: and the hashtag is #runway254
or send this link via email:

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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  1. Hi!!I make jewelry too, how can I exhibit my stuff in future?

    I wish I could come to the show but I am out of town at the moment.
    Check put my stuff at

  2. @iquira for sure you can be part of the July event, just hit me up when you are around. will definitely check your stuff out. xoxo