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 dropping my headwrap for sometime and going all bulky c/o @t... on Twitpic
My new hairdo c/o TressFreedom, yes I am dropping
my head wrap for sometime for the all bulky do
If you know me, you know I care less about fashion and dressing up, being all dolled up et al, I wear clothes because the rest of you call it sanity and the human part of me relates.I would rather curl somewhere with a book, reading or writing than do a spree and when I say I am going shopping, I am actually going note book and stationery oogling and stocking, yes I am a notebook junkie, Nightingale is a notebook design company I would like to work in, living in the splendor of notebooks of all shapes and sizes, organizers, diaries, ledger books, 'sigh'. 

I however have a love for prints (not that I own any but there is something about the African fabric) and big earrings plus a million things on my hands, I am currently rocking a leather engagement strap and two bead pieces I made from an old neck piece and shoe laces. I am a hoarder like that besides that I do not have twenty pairs of shoes, no little black dresses and I stop selling my fashion unconsciousness there. But despite this lack of, I greatly admire the brains behind the clothes and the beads and the purses and shoes. They are the ones who mold that first impression we create and having people who work hard at that only to have no platform to showcase beats me and it beat me so hard I had to bring forth a platform for them and yes I was tempted to do a big Samatha Bridal watch your back because Sitawa is in the house thing but Events by Sitawa is still at the hand and mouth stage of business. So it meant loads of notebook engagement, doing proposals, counter planning and I have been pushing this till sponsors come on board but those approached were jittery about working with people who design and wear their stuff.

The joys of humble beginnings
I know the joys of humble beginnings, I mean, how many times have I started from scratch? With my two cents knowledge of the fashion world, I asked Melissa, Fashion by Achie Otigo to hold my hand through the fashion world and last week we went make up shopping and I learntsomething more, the only make up I do is mascara, black eye shadow and that is when I remember. I got six amazing designers who have faith in me and what I wanted to do and with them in mind, I made a call for models, main qualifications, can walk in heels and do not mind being dolled up. Responses came in and we got our top 20, they are a mix, there are big ones, small ones, light ones, dark ones, smily smily ones and some that made me feel scared even though I am convener. After the call, I got a call from my girl Namnyak asking if she can style,yes dear, you can style, for those who do not speak fashiom styling is mi and matching. If that is not grace, I do not know what is. Namnyak is a professinal model and she was amazing with the girls, showing them how to turn and posture, modeling is much more than we think.Then after Kwani?on Tuesday, I got mail from TressFreedom (@tressfreedom) saying she wants to give my girls hair. I met up with her yesterday, played around with her weaves
 Trying out hair that will be used by the #runway254 models c... on Twitpic
Trying out @tressfreedom's collection
and I saw hair I wanted to plant on me, Afro Kinky Braids(the pic at the beginning) which I had done in the evening, blame my bipolar for that randomness.So in essence I was a diva, three hair dos in a day (;

Why thanksgiving before :@
God ROCKS!!! All I had was an idea that I dared to make a reality, no finance, no industry knowledge and we have a show. I will not have an elevated runway, my lighting wont  be top of the art but I believe, that is all we need in this life, I haven't gotten photographers because they all want money but I know it is not lost, we will have fun tomorrow, the girls will rock the designs in TressFreedom's hair and the crowd that will come to Crooked Q rooftop tomorrow from 7p, will have fun and most definitely promote the designers.

RSVP in any of the following;
Twitter: http://twtvite.com/runway254 and the hashtag is #runway254
or send this link via email:http://runway254.eventbrite.com/

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