Today I mark 8yrs as a rape survivor

7:40:00 AM

Happy is as happy is...celebrating Sitawa
Morning beautiful souls,
Hope you all got up to an amazing Wednesday. I have this annoying headache on the left side of my head so I have just been in bed all morning which feels really bad but with all the runs I had yesterday, I allow my body to misbehave.

Today is Wed 15th June 2011, exactly 8years after I got raped. Today I wont recount what happened or did not happen, today I do not regret why I drunk that tea or wish that stuff would have happened different if I had done this and not the other. Today I celebrate Sitawa, the 18year old girl who did not know about 72hour period so she went and showered hoping to remove the dirt and disgust but couldn't, the lady who didnot leave the house from June to August just before joining Actuarial School because she thought everyone who saw her, saw her dirt and they knew it was her fault that she brought this on herself. Today I celebrate her and the strides she has made, that fact that she chose to be a coffee bean and use her ills to teach many others, to make them feel at home, that they are not alone, that all will be well. Today I celebrate all the girls who have heard me say my story through a poem, a workshop, a talk and came forward or wrote me mail and said they are glad I spoke for now they too can speak. Today I celebrate how God has used me and how He continues to. Today I celebrate my life, I celebrate my womanhood.

Read the poem I wrote after the ordeal, Sunday 15th share with someone and join the conversation on twitter #sunday15. Looking forward to engaging.

Have a lovely day and pray that this headache goes, I have loads of running around to do.

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  1. You're a strong woman Sitawa. That is all. Salute

  2. You are an inspiration. And we totally celebrate you too!! by the way, there's lots of morning left so technically you're still ok to be in bed. Enjoy it.

  3. Sombre! Solemn! But we celebrate.

  4. I have so much love and respect for you babe. Today I celebrate your womynhood too! Today I celebrate your power. Thank you for sharing yourself so powerfully and touching the lives of so many people in the work that you do. Missing you!

  5. There are many names in my prayer list, and from now I add your's too. God Bless you brave lady!