I am in relapse mode #mentalhealth

6:14:00 AM

                                                        This is where I m at, vulnerable w/o a care in the world
deactivated all social networks since I know I will get all vulnerable or very vulgar

The greatest worry of any person with a mental illness is a relapse.It makes you feel like a failure and you question why you dared to be, Worse of is when you have all this people looking up to you, well that is me now.I had two attacks yesterday and I am withdrawing quick fast and in a hurry,FB deactivated., twitter account deleted and my 0734 is off. It is worse when you know what you should do especially since I a ambassador but your mentals seem to have other ideas. I feel like the proverbal hyena who had two feast to and got to none.
Pray for me,I do not want this to fall or split in two so I am holding on, hoping when I fall asleep and awake, I wont push myself to blog but push myself to work.I hate this so much and I ask God why. I have a major event next week, I have three interviews this weekend plus fitting for models and I have faith I will make it through.

To you all, never give up ,as long as you have breathe, never give up. I am currently high on Valium it helps divert those woiyee  feelings and half the questions i have for God. I am off to bed. Get me on sitawa@sitawa.com  and pray for me and all persons with mental illnesses, especially those who get relapses and are in major dilemmas.

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