Comfort zone bye bye

5:21:00 AM

Me looking all Mungified at the second edition of Runway254
It's been a while since I woke up at 4a. For the past few days I have been oversleeping thanks to last Saturday night's seizure attack. I have a few projects lined up and a truckload of fashion events to attend(read 3) and one that says dress to kill, I die trying to figure that out. Since I was sick and I was turning 27, I did the whole backflash thing,seeing how I got here and trying to see what I can do better and what I need to throw away.

I know I have said over and over that that isn't my world. If we can promulgate nudity,happiness, peace et al will be my portion but hey that's just a dream now. Someone told me with all I do and to get to where I look like I am going, image is everything. But I am anti-fashion was my response and that was that. However when I was backflashing I remembered that in March and April 2009 when the idea of hosting the first self sponsored poetry gig in Nairobi was an irritating companion, I was Anti-crowds.I had no public speaking
skills and I believed hosts needed fun stories, lively stories, examples of rave vibe et al,all I had were pieces on rape and mental health issues, of fear, heartbreak and despair and I had to share that with a bunch of strangers,how insane can one get.May 15 I founded Poetry at Discovery,the third poetry night in Nairobi
and I saw audiences turn into facebooks poets, on poster poets then boomerang to hosting their own forums. I taught about rape, spoke about being mentally sick,gave a platform to upcoming poets, I can say with authority I contributed and although I did not start season2 after the coffee house closed,I believe God was prepping me for something. I am never ashamed to say am a rape survivor or my mentals take leave every so often and with this new venture in fashion I know he is using me to reach, to teach, to uplift someone or something. I pray that I kill tomorrow with my dressing,so help me God, but as kill or get kill, I pray not to forget who I am, where I am from and also not to hold on to it so much as to not see where I am going.

Ps: To the bestest friend any girl can have, thank you for a lovely bday eve and the eye opening session, you ROCK...sometimes we need a heartbreak to make us shine.

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