9 days before I turn 27

4:32:00 PM

Rehearsals for Africa Cancer Foundation Launch where I was Programme Co-ordinator

So immediately after the relapse, I had to jump into doing Medical Services Minister; Anyang' Nyong'o's Africa Cancer Foundation Launch and I have to say it was an amazing event, me running around in my stockings making sure things are going on well , y'all know I do not do heels but it was fun, fun, fun, and before you think otherwise, I had other clothes on. After that I had to work my ass off to see Runway254 Edition Two come together, I would say it is one of my grandest and most successful events, and though my grade on many a fashionista's score board is leaning toward the negative, I know I nailed it. If you came for the first event and know I care less about fashion you know that was a kick ass event, but at the end of the day it is all about providing a platform for the designers and if me going to fashionista speak class will make them get a step further in their industry and increase their client base, sign me up, sign me up...I never start something I will not finish so yaay the third edition will be more tasking to prepare and I need thicker skin but sign me up to the damn class(hope asking for long distance classes wont be too much)...read my recap on the event.

Mental Health interview w/ GBS last week
Miss One track mind
As that thought sways in my mind, looking for a spot to sit, I feel my other projects have been slowly slipping through my fingers. I am one track minded, if i am eating, I am eating the most I can do is watch TV while at it. As I celebrated my event success on Friday with my best pal over some Rhumba, yes I am old but I love how I am aging, I kept thinking to myself, I need to strike a balance, this thing of being one track minded is not really working. If you read posts I was doing last year a time such as this (so church speak,I know) all I wanted was to make it through the day, I just wanted to know I had fed myself, now I am juggling events and campaigns and I have people looking up to me BIG TIME and the government is on that list, am finally taxable...I thank God for all this (save for the taxable part) and I need to take care of all this before he who has,more will be given and he who doesn't have,even the little that he has will be taken so mimi huyoooo. 
The new Mental Health campaign tees y'all need to cop

I turn 27 in 9 days
Next week I do the third edition of Books and Blogs, hosting the amazing Doris Mayoli, there is a Mental Health Day summit to think about, enough collaboration events in September that I would like to score and well loads of learning, a truck load of learning. I am happy with all this activity, maybe not exactly what I had in mind years ago when I was starting Actuarial school but I knew by the time I turn 27 so much will happen, not this much, different much but stuff is happening and I am not complaining this is more of me sharing my lemonade...I am way past just making lemonade. So I still cant swim, cycle or drive but I am so looking forward to turning 27, pray I do not overdose or something, here is a list of 15 rock stars who died at 27 so i am not dissing. Everyone who I know is married, getting married, almost getting married, has a baby, planning to save for me and my bestfriend unless there are secrets. I am getting in touch with a brand new Sitawa and she is uber exciting. She has her illness under her arm or almost there, this social entrepreneur vibe is getting into her head and she is doing an amazing job with it now if she can learn project management for all her projects, create a timetable of sorts and stick to it, turning 27 will be the best gift life ever gave her.

As I wallow in all that and eye pop at the series Single Ladies, see some of my best  pix from Thursday's event.
Musician Avril at the event,pic c/o Nick Klaus

One of Enzi's designs,she was among the celebrated,pic c/o Sally Maoso

Models doing a show it all, pic c/o Nick Klaus

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