I want to live a Wambui Otieno Mbugua life,only more spiced up

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Mixing cocktails at the August Nairobi's finest Band Edition

 It has been a while since I sat down and watched news and no I am not one of those people who blocked that programme. I blame it on the numerous soaps that hit all local channels and the unwritten laws we have in our house where the Is won a long time ago and the rest of us got other things to do; democracy isn't all that sometimes. Now that the Is are on vacation before school open, I found myself alone with the TV yesterday and I needed some R & R after a whole day of scheming, flipping through channels at quarter to nine , two items caught my ear, one on rape and the other on Wambui Otieno.
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Wambui Otieno Mbugua
I live in Ngong and so like many who do and go to the market during the official market days, you can attest to have met or brushed shoulders with Wambui Otieno Mbugua. Maybe like many, you know her best from the Redyculous clip when she married 27 year old stone-mason Mbugua. I first learnt about her during my first year in Actuarial school when I had to do Law in Society as a balance unit for all Mathematical, how I miss those days. Two things that made me like the unit was the professor, cannot remember his name but he was beautifully and wonderfully made. I am not good with notes and dates,so you can only imagine how getting the sub-sections of the then Constitution was. But I can attest to never forgetting that we were learning about the supremacy of the Constitution and Wambui Otieno’s case was the one used when we learnt the Constitution vs Traditional law. I found her daring, right from her days during the Mau Mau era, through to being a Kikuyu married to a Luo and going head on with the clan to fight for her husband’s body and that is the other reason I enjoyed the unit.

As I watched this part of the news yesterday, the one that did a recap on her life right after announcing that she had died at Nairobi Hosp. I related and got inspired, here was a woman who stood for something; Kenya’s freedom, she was a woman who knew her rights as a wife back when many did not consider that as anything; now we have women getting a third of the position in governance, my worry is the mentality behind it, sometimes it makes me feel like women are a minority and need to be given special provision. Lastly Wambui spent the latter days of her life as Mrs Mbugua, she had served her country, she served her time for the ‘ills’ she may have committed, she fought for her love and enjoyed the last days of her life with a young lad.

I am currently having one of those transition moments in my life and this is proving to be one of the toughest week of my life. I have a social spirit and I also have all the other spheres of a human being; spiritual, intellectual, financial et al. I need to strike balance and I need to remain sane for me, for my health and for my projects. When started doing poetry, I was driven by my need to heal and I can say I am almost there is not there already. Social entrepreneurship is my new catch with the fashion show taking the lead, there is alot to learn and implement and the most difficult part for me is to bring people into my fold and trust them. I want to do my best for my country, for the people in my country and most of all to me as a citizen of that country, striking that balance is proving to be hard but I will not give up. I have already put up a post for internship hope that is a way to get me out of this shell.

A mother was struggling with a man as she asked him why he did that to her daughter, the voice over said some things about the occurrence but two words stuck; alleged rape and I immediately put it up on my Facebook status, why is rape always reported as alleged? I hear there is medical-legal lingo but to me it is bad  psychology. If I was the girl whose mother was on television, I would crush. Not because I am embarrassed et al, I know I crush just thinking that I was raped, I crush every time I give a talk and emancipate people about rape and share my ordeal but on this particular day, I would crush because it was reported as alleged.It is the same thing in the mental health world, it is not mentally ill persons, not crazy, not mad but persons with mental illnesses. where is the humanity?

27 wishes
I fulfilled my first wish by attending a concert and came out alivenow I have mixed drinked, ok there was no mixer, but I have always had a thing for bartending, I even have a poem for that which I wrote way before T-pain sang the song. Now I have 25 more wishes to go...yep I want to live a Wambui Otieno Mbugua only more spiced up.

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To my muslim brothers and sisters, Eid Mubarak.


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