This is what Sundays should be made of

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To an award winning Sunday

Growing up I loved Sundays, my dad is the second born so all his brothers and sisters did rotations in our house and it was always blissful to have them around and then there was Sunday-Best, for new age people that is a particular dress bought maybe in your birthday, Christmas or as a present from an aunt who lived on the 'greener' side of the fence. I lived for Sundays especially since I was a slow kid in school save for Mathematics, my game slightly uped when I got to Form three but thats a story for another day.Nowadays Sundays happen on me, all of a sudden it is Sunday...I remember there was Tuesday, my birthday, then Friday when I ate myself silly then it was Sunday. The main plan was to hang out with my bestfriend before a marathon week ahead and I was about to do that when one of my clients called and I had to go 'fire shoot' so I was at the bus stop at 7.30a in jeans and a jumper and couldn't help but notice how people look at you funny when you stand there at that hour on a Sunday and you are not in your Sunday best...I felt like shouting I live down the road and I woke up in my bed,showered and dressed, READ 6:37 but yet again, they were not worth it.

New Agenda

Sharing at Nairobi Tweetup

Somewhere along my life path, I became an 'events person' and with that I manage and co-ordinate a number of events and venues in Nairobi among then being Nairobi Tweetup, like on Facebook and follow on twitter. In a nut shell, NBO tweetup as it is better known is an informal gathering, curated by Paras Gudhka, of Twitter users in Nairobi meeting every month for some social and professional networking. This month's event was happening yesterday and I had to be on location in good time to organize one, two, three things. So after my early morning assignment, I went home to have breakfast, syke myself up for my first ever concert c/o of the fearfully and wonderfully made DJ Sadic and his Sunday morn show then head out before lunch time for NBO tweetup. The event was lekka with the topic of discussion based on Sustainability. Among the speakers was Deloitte Touche's Partner Nikhil Hira who made me see how environmental degradation can affect me as a small business owner, yes I just called myself a business owner.Key areas that he mentioned  that need a keen eye on were population growth, environment degradation and poverty while the three key people with keys to do stuff about it are the government, civil society and business owners. Looking at it keenly, I am all the above, I vote for the government, I pay the government so in essence (even if most times not acknowledged) I AM THE GOVERNMENT!!! with all my activism(which has been very silent for far too long) I make civil society and I am trying to understand the art of business so I am the three arms needed to make the above three problems work. He further pointed out that  all these are global issues in need of global intervention. I have a million and one ideas spinning me round but I know I have to be true to myself, not spread myself too thin.

All grown up...I think

This ticket will serve as reminder of my birth (:
Among my 27 wishes is to attend a concert and there was no better day to do that than yesterday at Juliani's  Pulpit kwa Street album launch. It was to die for, they actually closed a street and held the concert there, I mean who does that? I had mad fun, trying to dance along to routines ok until I discovered I am way too old and way to unfit to keep up but I could do a spanking chinese Juliani style with my imaginary locks, if you see any footage of may be someone looking like me but not me...i cant remember when I let loose on the streets of Nairobi or on any streets like I did yesterday...and thats my motto for my new year, why not...I  actually lived by it, attended a concert and didn't faint and was not overwhelmed by too many people...I think I am all grown up. 

PS: When you are up on stage doing your thing or giving a talk, you are the voice of authority up in there, ok that's the mentality I go to all my talks and performances with and it works all the time. I have been too uptight for far too long, guess a little letting go wouldn't hurt.

PSS: 26 more wishes to go...WHY NOT (:

Paulo alicheza hadi nguo zikamtoka

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