I am officially an employer (:

12:00:00 PM

A lot of changes have been happening at SitawaVille, some that are on my 27 wish list and some well some are just there. Wish No. 25 was for me to have a permanent crew of 5-8 young minds under my wing, getting first hand experience and exposure in the social change I have going. Yap yap I am now the proud mama of 5 amazing interns to go with my new diet regime, Lacto-Ovo vegetarism...don't I sound exotic? Anyway for the next three months and subsequent three months, I will be getting interns to work in the various projects I have running. They will be attending meetings with me, planning events under my Events by Sitawa outfit among other activities. I am really excited about this and I am tempted not to call it a project and come up with a name for it but knowing me, I see a blog post introducing the team with name.

If you know Hip Hop, you may have heard of Kharma Kazi. He is a guy from Bahamas and well you can watch the documentary to learn more but well he did a project, well I need a new work for project, I am starting a project about renaming project who is in? So Kharma Kazi worked with these teenagers using hip hop to hold them together creating change and well thats what the world needs. Back home, my boy Pepe Haze has something similar running in Kibera which I think started with Imani Woomera (someone help me) and I know these ladies were (or are set) to perform at the musuem, yap you get why I really need a team, it is all overwhelming for one human. Wamathai also has something running in Kibera, he has a team down there teaching children how to write, how to express themselves through poetry and I believe that and all platformes where people take time to reach out to those around them with what they have however minimal is what the world needs, my fav Bible again, What is that in your hand - Ex 4:20

Other people
Yesterday Wambui Otieno was laid to rest, listen to this, at her home in Ngong town, SMs family was cool, now thats a life well lived and as I said, I am going all the way adding all the sugar and spice in this thing we call life. It took alot for me to fulfill this wish, to break my trust issues and have more people in my fold but if I am going to do this, I have to do it right. I have seen another aged woman I want to put on my matronage tab, Gloria Steinem...google her, listen to her speeches and the things she has done. Her and Kharma Kazi are my people to watch for the next three months as I exercise new eating habits and mentor young minds to embrace being the change they want to see.

We are the world, we are the future...la la la I am the world, I am the future, la la la, you are the world, you are the future la la la,

PS: Sept 24th
You all know what I am doing on Sept 24th, the day will have book swap and a 100TPC  proceeds for the event we will be used to get sanitary towels for the girls in Mlolongo and extra books from the swap will go to Masomo Mashinani in Baba Dogo.

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