We officially opened a Free Wellness Centre in Kibera

10:37:00 AM

The logic behind using the papers and not the board is for analysis (in case you were wondering)

Last Saturday we officially opened a youth wellness centre in Kibera after a day of awareness creation and football, yep yep I, Sitawa Wafula, ran around after a ball, Lord aint I unfit...but that is a story for another day.

One of the many commercial break I had to take to make it to the end of the day…someone be my gym partner

The centre, located at St. Kizito Vocational Centre, will have a nurse come through every Wednesdays from 9-3p and the youth in Kibera can access it free of charge. At the beginning, it will only be opened when the nurse is available and should there be demand, the days will be increased.
I am not really serious, I just can’t feel parts of my body after the game…

Among the services to be offered at the centre include;
-           Mental Health,
-          Counseling,
-          VCT among other services.

Totally love the inside paint job
More pictures of the day below and on the campaigns’ Facebook page

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  1. Any Contact person for details? Please iam interested to join you guys in this endevour.

  2. You can get a hold of me on sitawa@sitawa.com