Mental Health and Substance Abuse talk at Daystar University

6:37:00 PM

Mental Health 101

This afternoon I had the honor of addressing students from Daystar University by invitation of SCAD (Student Campaign against Drugs). As I have mentioned here before mental illnesses are triggered by a variety of things including Drugs and Substance Abuse and it is from that angle that SCAD invited the campaign for the talk.Though I went off key given this is the first talk i have had since the suicide attempt, I had an amazing time just learning what their view on mental health was, sharing my experiences in a room full of strangers save from the SCAD crew and DNA who comes from my hood and was there to talk about his recovery from alcoholism, it felt like home. 

My best part is the mkono-kaKono part(if you were there you get the joke) I love teaching, I definitely love standing in front of people telling them things I wish people would have told me but it is never too late, life is my teacher and God is the principal, what do I have to fear.

Wishing everyone who was there a lovely evening and if you would like our campaign to visit your school, church or youth group...feel free to contact me

Not sure what I was saying haha

Reflection time
Their take on mental health

Getting views

More pix on the campaign's FB Page

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  1. Sitawa, you forever trigger my smile with your enthusiasm and endurance, your power to share and reach out to those who need support and encouragement. Mental health is a basic need in the sense that, when your state of mental health is at ZERO, even if you are provided with food, shelter, clothing and even love by those who care, it may all not bear any meaning. Get this right, your purpose is great because God purposed it in a design that at times you may despise but you have wonderful potential to motivate and recreate. The pictures can tell it in wholesome. Remain great.