My never to be born baby

6:37:00 PM

This is a really dear picture...the bald head was symbolic

I rarely post my poetry on line but this piece is too significant to keep under wraps, get more of my pieces here...this is to my never to be born baby;

I strip myself bare like I have done many times today,
Hold my stomach and look at you through the mirror.
I cannot see you but I know you are there,
So I wave goodbye and frown as I feel my insides fold.
I know you do not want to go,
And I do not want to let you go,
But I need to stop these tears from falling,
I need to feel my heart beat again,
I want to say I love you and hear it returned from the bottom of the heart.
I am a wounded soul and wounded souls only wound souls,
I wish you could come and see all the beauty there is in this world,
Beauty that I saw in your daddy that sunny afternoon years ago,
Blissful beauty that made us noisy gongs,
Yes, we spoke in tongues of men and of angels but we had not love,
We bestowed all our goods to feed our poor souls,
Gave our bodies to be burnt by our lust, for what profit?
I wish you could come and walk this earth and I by your side,
Making sure you do not walk the same path I did
I wish I could teach you honor and respect,
Teach you how to be a man of your word,
But I need to find my footing first,
I need to learn that honor and respect,
For one does not give that which they have not,
But you cry out, “Mummy I will help you find you all those,”
“Mummy I will give you much more than this world ever would,”
I say, “No my son, you are symbol of more than just continuity of my lineage, you are plans and places, faces and graces fallen.”
And as I toss and turn on the floor,
With my stomach on fire as you enter the world of the unborn,
I wish I could follow you,
Just to make sure you are well
But you say, “Mummy no, I will be ok here. So will you.”
And just like that you are gone.

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  1. this is a wonderful pieace sitawa.... sometimes i feel i should live in a world of art and fiction rather than the real one... ooops! guess i said that???