The return of Conjestina and Sitawa...success stories all through

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Breakfast at Silver Springs for the KNCHR report on Mental Health launch

This week has been a really trying one,  more drama on my plate plus the one person who was my support system, known to you as my best friend is no more so I had two decisions to make, to crumble and fall or use it as an elevation. I chose the latter, I mean I had hit rock bottom with the suicide attempt the only way to go from here is up, up, up...onwards upwards. I had to make a major decision and I am still toying with my options but unlike before, I am not stressed about it, I am not hiding behind work, I have found balance ok I am enroute and loving the progress and the bumps that come with it. 

The book

Yesterday was a great day, I had breakfast at Silver Springs, lunch at Java and four O'clock tea at home all in good company and in environments where people are pro-Sitawa, positive energy through and through. i talked about the suicide like we were recounting an adventure and the contributions at that lunch table were all so amazing, I am so proud of all the progress and all the people who say they pray for me, I really sincerely appreciate it because this feeling alone I cannot accomplish, I am too weak but y'all make me strong.

So proud my name is on this report

The breakfast was the launch of the Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR)’s report on the Mental Health status in Kenya.  The commission was sparked into checking the affairs of persons with mental illnesses in the country after the CNN clip and complaint from a relative of someone who was once locked in Mathari. I am so proud that my name is on the book and that the work I do doesn't go unnoticed. I am really looking forward to getting back to doing the talks and also performing poetry. I am glad for the second chance in life that God has granted me and I am going to be the best balanced Sitawa ever, enjoying it all the way, just like my girl Conjestina. I am so glad she is back on the scene and loved it when she said that she started boxing in her mother's womb when doing a press conf on her Dec fight...success stories through and through. 

Some of us were born to do some of these things and however hard we try to resist it, it is in us, until God says it is enough, we just need to keep at it. So on 23rd Dec she has a fight in Kisumu and I am so going for that. But now I have to leave to go fit my first ever designer made dress, yep I said upwards and onwards...then go prep for the inaugural Mr & Ms Strathmore, I am taking my kid bro and cuz for this one and hope they have fun, my family know how to have fun, I just close it in but today I will let it all out for all those years, ok maybe I will save some for next time since there will be many of those...will post pix tomorrow. 

PS::I am so excited I let go, let go of all the things and people who made me mark time, you all should try it sometime because sometimes it is all we need to do...let go.

Commissioner Anne Ngugi doing the opening

KNCHR Chairperson Florence Jaoko

Director Mental Health, Dr, Kiima

With Clara from ILA (Institute of Legal affairs)

More pix on the FB page

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