Jamhuri Day...woot woot enroute to self independence - The reincarnation

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Me seated with potraits of all of Kernya's Vice Presidents

Good morning lovely people, I got to the office a few minutes after 11 and I have my pink slippers on, I just feel like putting my seat out and enjoying the sunshine all day but well I got to pay the bills so I have to work which I did for two hours now it is blogging time before the afternoon session then I play fav big cousin by treating all the under 18s in my family to TERRIFIC TUESDAY(Buy one get one free pizza). This weekend I learnt alot about me, well I got in touch with my older self, my real self and it was tres tres amazing. 

First up, my pal Ming Holden, she who wrote this article about me, The New Activism, is back in the country and Friday was our hook up day. We had a lovely time watching Boondocks while eating thinly crusted Pizza (you know from where) and sipping on some wine as we caught up. Well Saturday saw a whole change of events but we had so much fun, from Maasai Market where we got engaged to the same guy haha to the National Archives where I learnt so much about my country to Kuona Trust for the Koroga 2 exhibition launch. 

Totally love my calabash earrings and the pure leather bag
Sunday saw me hanging out with my other familiy, the Kigutas which led to loads of eating and games and more eating and more eating and a road drive yesterday, Jamhuri Day, that saw us get lost in the bypass, miss Nyamchom, stick in jam but it all didn't matter, I was with family, people I love doing things I love, sightseeing and making silly jokes.

Kimathi Waciuri's potrait made of banana stalk(i think it is called)
Well for those who do not know, Jamhuru means republic and that was a big achievement for Kenya 48 years ago because it meant the country will not be under any colonial rule. We have had our fair share of ups and downs and well it is the same with our personal lives, we have our fair share of ups and downs. There are days when the ups are so grand we get high and remove our clothes in public only to fall with a bang and get really down but as long as we have life, as long as we have support structures, we can easily dust ourselves off and get back on track. That is what this long weekend taught me, it taught me independence, self rule, being in control and that does not take as much as we make it as long as we do what we are to do when, where and who we are meant to do it.
Kenya's First President, Jomo Kenyatta

Kenya's Current President, Mwai Kibaki

Second president, Daniel Moi

The weekend was here for us to relax, reminisce , rejuvenate and the four day week is here for us to play our part in building the economy of this country.Whatever your task, do it to the best of your ability, it is a piece of the grander picture which we do not see if we are so self centred. I am playing my part in little pieces, play yours in little pieces to, say thank you, stand up for that pregnant woman in the bus, say good morning, wash the dishes...little eyes are watching.

The first presidential chair

My best piece at Kuona Art Centre
More pix of our adventure Saturday on my FB page, follow me on twitter @runway254...the world is my runway and I am sure rocking it one task at a time.

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  1. such a lovely way to express Jamhuri day... :) the presidential seat Hahaha didn't know they still had it..