The Second Dec 17th Kenya...International Day to end violence against sex workers

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I love how KICC stands tall in the background 
Yaaay, the second Dec 17th happened yesterday and I had the honor of being part of it. This year's event attracted 2,500 sex workers with a larger number of male sex workers as compared to last year. I have heard the whole debate about why sex workers, but I ask why not? Aren't they human? Don't they have rights? Don't they need to get everything every other human gets?(If you have no idea what the day is all about, read last year's post.)
The procession from Freedom Corner to City Hall

This year, three things were stressed on;
1. Children - Sex workers are parents  and they do not recruit or subscribe to child exploitation. 

The children telling their dreams and aspirations

3. Solidarity among the sex workers - Which was clear with all the groups that were present, there were groups that are working to bridge the gap between the sex workers and the police who harass them, those that provide free health care for the sex workers, those that provide legal aid, those that are full time activists and well those like me who are for social justice, those who believe that every human as long as they walk this earth they have the same rights as the next person irregardless of their social status, race, work, as long as they are human they are the same as the next.

John Mathenge, one of the vocal sex worker activists

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Lovely Sunday good people

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