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With wonder principal, Omondi Otieno of ACV Kenya - The campaign's host and the wonderful kids
(Pic by Kevin Ouma)

After an emotional Mental Health Media Breakfast at The Stanley on Monday 20th February, I actually broke down while giving my speech,mental health is a human rights issue that touches me in so many places.I got into a car with three amazing gentlemen to work on other human rights issues, we shared a vision, to help our sisters back in Garissa. The trip was a field visit/network and documenting trip all aimed at creating a firm launching pad for our campaign - 100 girls in 100 days through which we are working to take 100 girls from North Eastern through secondary school by raising funds in 100 days.

The situation:
We would like to take them to schools within their locality given that due to cultural constraints, girls are not allowed to go out of parents view. We visited a day school whose Form 1 intake was 130 while the near by boarding school had only 7 girls. We also visited a local youth centre, G-Youth, where the administrator told us of a teaching practice incident where a father hired a car to follow the organisations bus to get his daughter and return her home.

The lady who stole my heart is the principle pictured above who operates from an office which is a bench under a tree and has a car which she uses as the school library, chalks and blackboard eraser store among other things.

Our target:
The campaign target is Ksh 10M given the average total fee most schools is Ksh 25,000 inclusive of Sanitary towels and other necessities bringing the total to Ksh 100,000 per girl for the four years which we would like to raise in 100 days starting from March 1st, tomorrow, when we officially launch the campaign.

This contributions can be made through deposits to ACV-KENYA, Barclays Bank of Kenya, Account No: 0801044336 or drop your in kind donations; Sanitary towels, Shoes, Lotion to the ACV office on 28 Kirichwa lane off Ngong Road, Nairobi.

The launch:
Tomorrow at exactly 8.30pm we will be launching the campaign which will run until 8th June. We are looking to have a series of activities include a Poetry at Discovery ignition, car washes, corporate dinners and a whole host of events and engagements.

You can also visit the campaign site to know how else you can get involved we need everyone on board, these are our sisters, they have a right to education, they have a right to a bright future. You and I hold part of the key to these rights. Let's make their dreams come true.

You can join the convo on twitter by saying you support #team100ke or share your ideas using #100girlsin100days.

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  1. Good initiative! Would love to get involved!

  2. Thank you hun, we did the launch, see how you can be of help

  3. You can count on to support this great initiative. Go Team 100!!!