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Kericho the land of Tea

I had the privilege to vist Kericho for the first time last week by invitation of Moi University, Kabianga Constituent College. It was an amazing time and worked as a down time given all that is on my plate. I got a chance to walk in the tea plantations and visit one of the local waterfalls and that evening stroll coupled with a 'fishing' expedition was a great time to reflect how my year started and recommit myself to God's Will for me. (Remember last year, my life was in my hands and I almost threw it away, this year, I surrendered it all to Him).
Moriah, the mountain of Commitment
Being young and an artist, spontaneity is one thing that rocks my boat any time and I am practising much restraint and God has been faithful through and through. I have a few dilemmas in my life regarding choices I made earlier. Some I have to face, others are not worth the time. Today's devotion came from Gn 22 when Abraham had to sacrifice his son. Just as I talked about the bright red shiny object syndrome, I talk about the last committed are we to our cause(if we have one?).

This week I pray for commitment and I will be doing that by reconciling projects I began and are in limbo as we speak. This being the month of love and Valentine's being tomorrow, I will love myself by tieing all my loose ends and committing to things. I know in a world where everything seems uncertain, commitments seems like a fool's dream. I already said I will move on MATURELY and to do so, I will not say, as a rape survivor, trusting people or things is hard. I am committed to God and He and His Son and the Holy Spirit will see me through. I pray that I be more committed to my call as a poet, as an arts and advocacy events planner, as big MAMA at Runway254 and booksnblogs, as a daughter, as a sister, as neighbour, as a Kenyan, as a Mental Health ambassador.

What areas do you wish to commit yourself to? Remember the plans of the mind belong to man, the final word is from the Father.

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