#purpleday 2012: Unmasking #epilepsy

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Good morning wonderful souls, pray you had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to this amazing week. Today is a very special day for me, like most days this year are turning out to be. I woke up and had the most amazing conversation with God, what is a day without the love of the Father plus we start the second quarter of the 100 days campaign and most of all it is Purple Day.

Last year we had a stand at Sarit Centre and I am excited about this year's celebration which we will do it at the Wellness Centre we opened in Kibera from 11am and our special guests will be from Leader's Quest. I will keep you updated on how the day goes via my twitter page @SitawaWafula and do a follow up blog later. This year's theme is Unmasking Epilepsy, I know I have done enough posts on my own experiences from My seizure affair to the myths that one can get epilespy by jumping urine, well in the spirit of unmasking epilepsy, I will talk about the first aid you give someone who has just had an epileptic attack...share widely, you could save a life.

Sometimes I can tell when an attack is about to happen and other times it just happens. Either way, here is what you are to do;
1. Make the area safe
My last public attack was on March 1st after we launched 100 girls at Laico. There were tables and wires all around the room. I guess the first point of action for those around me was to move them so that they do not cause me any harm. Most of the time when someone has an attack, they tend to jerk and move around and if the area has objects that can harm them, they need to be moved. Contrary to popular opinion, DO NOT RESTRAIN THE PERSON, as I always say, let me do my acrobatics, just remove anything that will harm me.

2. Make the person comfortable
The one thing everyone with an attack needs is more and more oxygen as more often than not, they attack happens because of a 'short circuit' of sorts, not enough current(oxygen) going to the brain. CROWDING IS THEREFORE NOT ALLOWED. In my case, since I wear a million ornaments, remove them as gently as you can, without interfering with my body actions ie the jerking/convulsions. Loosen my bra, remove my shoes if you can, loosen my waist line area by unbuttoning my skirt or trousers, DO NOT STRIP ME!!! The aim is to make sure oxygen and blood, its carrier, is flowing freely through the body.

3. Take care of my head
As mentioned, it all happens in the head,so at that point, the head is the most priced possession, handle it with care. You can put a sweater or anything you can under it so that as I jerk, I have a soft place to hit.

4. Time
It is important to note when the seizure lasts, if another comes immediately after without me gaining conscious and the intensity of the attacks. Should they last for more than 7 minutes and are continuous, it may be wise to seek medical attention. It is advised that persons who get attacks have name tags on their wrists with emergency numbers or save names of those to call in a way that is easily accessible on their phones. Family and close friends can advice further on medical history and the next step. It is also good to inform them that you are taking their person to hospital and which hospital it is that you are taking them to.

5. Recovery position
Should the seizure end, you should put the person in recovery position watch this video

Half the time I come to, I am really confused and feel thirsty, give me water then and keep assuring that I am ok, that my uncle or best friend is on the way et al.


Pray I have unmasked epilepsy, it is really easy to deal with and it is just in our heads that it is uber complicated. I am a living testimony of how easy it can be once you understand it and what to do...so unmask it by sharing this post and help someone out there understand it better.

PS; Epilespy is not contagious, Anyone can get epilepsy, Epilepsy can come at any age.

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  1. Hi sitawa am soo moved by your work and story that it feels like it's my own! I got epilepsy when I was 18years old and my life change for the better when I understood it was not evil or bad or a curse but a blessing from Allah to show me my true self! I well now but I was under medication for years and getting it out of my system was hard! I love what your doing and would love to be apart of it. I write a little poetry too! Thank you for your work. Ilhan

  2. Your writing raises awareness! Keep it up

  3. Hi Ilhan, glad that more and more people are aware of their bodies and what to do, i look forward to reading and sharing your poetry. Have a blessed day and keep shining.