The Powerful beyond measure Local (s)Hero with an International reach

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With ACV's Omondi Otieno receiving 10% of #blueheartke play proceeds from Bernard Muhia

Years back when I was a cyber admin,the best cyber admin ever as I was told by clients,inflating my head here...don't burst the bubble, if you mentioned I would be in four articles, newspaper, magazine or websites in a span of a month, I would have nominated you for some seriously Oscar like award for jokes. I was what the roots songs says, a humble African...troubling no one. Flash forward to today and I am the 2 page spread feature story on Eve Gal, I was a local hero on last month's Up Magazine had me among local heroes with the likes of Juliani, Sara Mitura and Mohammed Ali, UK based Mental Healthy ran my story on their site and The Star covered the campaign launch. OMG!!! I think I am on my way to really big is hitting me in bits and pieces. I need to inhale exhale just to grasp it all. My talks are increasing, one every week. Did one at Nairobi Club yesterday and I believe it was God's way of telling me my demographic should grow given the audience was mature, the youngest was say 30 and they all gave feedback my best being the lady who said I am where I am suppose to be, how humbled am I?

My theme by the way shifted from Ex 4:20 for I have discovered what is in my hand and unlike before when I struggled to make use of it, I am living in the fast lane now Jn 10:10. Living life abundantly for I am using that which is in my hand to make an impact small and big everyday of my life.

100 girls updates

Well I have not been very vocal here about the campaign's progress but those who follow my new handle on twitter @SitawaWafula know what has been happening. Well Day 1 was the launch which was covered here and made my 4th appearance on the Star, thank you Grace Kerongo for the support.

We were at the Arts and Beer Festival, where we sold merchandise and got some pledges.You can order merchandise now.

We had Sitawa Ignited where we raised Ksh 26,630 and 16 of Nairobi's poets were in the house to show their support. Thank you Fam.

Blue Heart, a play about human trafficking organised by my dear pals Bernard Muhia and El poet gave 10% of door proceeds to the campaign.

Rotaract Muthaiga also contributed their Surgent at Arms penalty fees and are working on something towards the event.

10% of the proceeds come to can get the tickets at the offices in Adams

Fashion meet up Fashion Cafe happening this Friday at The Michael Joseph Centre has also agreed to contribute 10% of door charges.

The Future

I am working on another Sitawa Ignited and a Runway254 show for the campaign. You too can work on something towards the campaign, all you have to do is holla at me, tell me your idea and we will move on from there.

We have a number of pledges and are keen on forming partnerships, one that I am very keen on is an all women triathalon team that is dedicating its race to the blessed are we.Unfortunately twenty years later, Safaricom is still playing hide and seek with our contract to get a paybill number, may God grant them the gift of speed and empower them to have that number here before the campaign comes to an end, Amen.

Team100 bottles available in Red, Green and Blue for only Ksh 800

Beside that we are keen on moving all the merchandise in the office out of those boxes so feel free to order a tshirt (1000), a water bottle (800), a cap (700), pen (100) and a car sticker (50). Let it be on your Easter shopping list.

We are also trying to get a media partner so if you have skills we can borrow in enticing one to come on board, we will be greatful. We have a sponsorship package that orks across the board for small, medium and large companies as well as individuals. We have a two fold dinner in the works that will act as an educative and interactive networking platform as well as a fundraiser.

Any other ideas are highly welcome.

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