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Good evening lovely souls,

Pray your evening got to a lovely start and the week that was did not disappoint. Well mine was full of duvet loving yep I was stuck in the house for a second week but I totally loved it, got to relax and catch up on some one on one with my online babies. One question that kept raising its head in my conversations was how does one start their own project and I decided to share the following tips with one and all. The good thing is that this applies even in Event Planning, it is a project too;

1. Market Research
Take time to know how many similar projects are there, which ones are they, what are their main areas of focus, where are they based, who runs them, what services do they offer, who do they work with. Dig as much dirt(and clean) as you can about other projects because you have to offer something unique with yours.Once you have all this information, go back to your own information which should answer the 5 Ws and H inclusive of a mission, vision and a SMART object.

Aim to capitalize on your S & O and to work on your W & T

2. SWOT analysis - Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats
List down your SWOT and give possible solutions for your W & T. It helps in crisis management and in development. I know it all looks cumbersome and you feel you know what you want to do, but when things are not going right or if you would like to expand, this where you get your inspiration and strength from.

3. Action Plan 
Knowing what others are doing and what add on you can put, what you can achieve and by when, what resources you have you can easily make an action plan complete with an organogram. The action plan will be based on short term goals based on what you have at your disposal, middle term geared on working on where you want to go and your long term goal which is the ultimate goal. Take time to carefully assess this.

You have all your rough ideas and desires, make them a worthy project
4. Monitoring and Evaluation plan - You have to establish a way of giving feedback and progress. This goes back to the beginning when doing your objectives which have to be SMART - Measurable and Time bound. You can have a blog through which I update people on what I am doing, pictures and videos are also a fab way to keep people in the loop of what you are doing, have a grantt chart to help keep you in check.

Last but not least, emotions...passion, dedication and FAITH...I am a firm believer in putting God before everything I do, before you start this whole process sit down and ask God to show you the way. He always knows best.

Looking forward to hearing what projects you are all working on and how you go about planning for them. I will keep updating you as time moves by and your questions keep coming through. Have a lovely evening and enjoy your weekend.


Looking forward to working with you. Sending love and light.

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  1. I found it a very informative piece and a good reference point for the everyday kenyan. Thank you not only for this but also youre continued inspiration on other young kenyan poets.

  2. Hi Andika, I am glad you liked this. Have a lovely day and look at the latest piece, Waging war

  3. This is really a powerful read.. Powerful ideas put in the simplest of language,and really fun too!!