I ain't got a sad tear left in me....BRAVO (:

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New hobby - Photography
I am a sucker for NEW...NEW projects, NEW shoes - red bottoms, NEW hand bags - Birkin, NEW clothes - Peplum dress, NEW relationships, NEW tours ok that is what is in my bucketlist but on the real we have a new month and I am really excited, Thank you God for MAY. I am not in the best of health conditions but this time round my illness has some blows to face...NEW blows. My BFF is in the walk with me better than ever, come to think about it better than all the six years we have known each other and I am a happy little lass *I blush*. On the flip, I have had to cancel a few things like my engagement with the gym, last week's DVBS in church, 

the children came despite the weather

The DVBS theme

I loved the theme because it taught me that I cannot do everything alone. I am one of those people who loves to control all my cards and this time round I am letting in the BFF slowly into my innermost circle with regards to my illness and I bet he is joining enough dots on a lot of things that I used to block before and I have to admit it is better now. I was also tripping I fell at my poetry night on Saturday but my souls sisters Zawadi and Triza are in the walk with me so we are definitely better together. There are nights it gets really bad knowing tomorrow morning I am not waking up to putting an S on my chest and go play SUPERWOMAN but I have to learn to live life, I admit my most successful projects are the ones I planned with a lot of television watching and random tours.

One of the babies at DVBS who couldn't let me be, love the joy he brought to me

I received so much mail after my story aired on the Standard and I discovered many people have issues letting people in but it is true what they say, a problem shared is a problem half solved...that's how we heal.I know there are people who have had trust issues but we need each other. When you let go of all the fences we put in front of us in the name of protection and let the children in us be seen, we heal faster, we move on faster, we build the nation quicker. My Bible reading from last week re-inforced it and my new blog look inspired by it, Mark 10:13-31...I am learning to do things like a child ok not a child-child but in the simplest of ways...5 months after office space hopping I think working from home is my thing, so I back to working late, sleeping in ,television hogging and tweeting a lot. 

...already ahead on making new friends

The #team100ke campaign is still on, I am watching it from home and doing the most I can from here. I have nothing listed, I do not want to bombard myself, like a child I am enjoying each day...do a lot of Runway254 blogs and loving the fashion industry. I am also excited about my new nominations; BAKE AWARDS, EAPA and Girl Tank. I am back to hosting poetry monthly yep #sitawaignited every last Saturday at The Business Lounge which was once my office space so see you on May 26th for the next one.

To everyone who supports me, from my family, my soul sisters; Zawadi and Triza, my BFF, my babies(Shout out to Mwaniki, heard you held it down real good for me on Saturday) and everyone else who got me in their prayers to recover quickly, sending you all love and light. Theme song for the new month, Ledisi's Bravo 

All I really want is to see the whole world stand up tonight
Yeah we celebrating life
It don’t matter who you are or where your from

Have a lovely evening, xoxo

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