Waging War…My weapon of power lives within

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Where i want to be...happy every after *le sigh*

Good morning beautiful souls, hope the week has been really kind to you as it has been to me. Today I will talk about waging war (title borrowed from an amazing song the choir sung on Sunday by Cece Winans; Waging War) inspired by emails on the previous post, does it feel good or does it feel right, btw I appreciate all your emails and questions, keep them coming, they inspire my posts.

My principle this week has been anything worth having is worth fighting for, I would like to pose a challenge to you, take a min to write 5 things you would like to do in the next 6 months, however big like getting married (I have that on one of my bucket lists, already have my knight in shining armor, now waiting for him to know he is the one) or small like missing an hour of twitter.

Where i want to be
What are your plans?
Crying and feeling downcast after letting go is allowed but it should not last a life time. You will have little reminders like getting on a matatu and smelling your boyfriends scent and a truckload of memories flood back, if you didn’t burn your plough and have no plans made…you had no business letting go. But not to fret, we will make plans today and wage war against all these things.

With your list of five, we will go back to the ‘how to start a project’ tips, specifically the SWOT analysis part. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for each of the 5. For my getting marriage task; my strength is I am a Pr 31 woman in progress complete with ever conceptualizing projects so the family will be fed, dressed, I consider partnerships and take them etc etc, I am a certified event planner so we will cut the costs, I already know who I would to get married to so there is no kissing 100 frogs, I have always known for the longest time. Weakness is he doesn’t know I would like to take him as my lawfully wedded, he doesn’t even know when and if he will get married; our paths are parallel now aka we have a time and distance thing happening,  opportunity is for me to grow and gain more experience and exposure so that when our time zones rhyme and our distance reduces, he will see me anew and have no option than get on one knee before I break it and say yes before he say ouch, threats; this time and distance may be the last thing about my marriage to him I have in my memory.
Now that I have guided you, list your SWOT however soap opera oriented they may seem. Armed with that, you will get to know if your six months’ timeline is realistic. If I say I want to get married in six months, yet a wedding needs more than that to prepare unless I am Khloe and Lamar, I need courting to happen, I need to introduce the boy to the circus that I call my life in depth, we will be building a crumbling marriage, no offense to fans, a 72 day marriage like Kim and Kristopher Humphries so six months is not realistic. So two things may happen, I will become desperate and give in to anything or I will go back, remember burning your plough in the previous post? Well welcome to waging war, it is not easy but totally worth it.

...work in progress, he still doesn't know we are together 
Be prepared
This is a battle physical and emotional because you have broken out of a comfort zone, so armed with a list and a SWOT analysis, we will prepare an Action Plan. This will vary depending on your activities. I will go with my wedding my Mr. So I have seen six months is not realistic, I will increase the time line and say on Saturday August 16th 2014 when I turn 30 (damn I am aging real fast but I am loving the process), I will say I do and when I say I do, I will have done at least 1 and a half years of courting and enough time to see if we can click. (In my head I am thinking really? I will wait for another 2 plus years to get this man? Lord kindly give us 50 plus years together) well it is not a must that dating takes that long, if we click tomorrow, we can easily rush to the AG’s and Ksh 150 later, we are man and wife, but I have a few things gathered over the years that I know he can easily hide behind for 6 months but cannot pull for one year. (I have done my market research). So I need to capitalize on my strengths and opportunities; be a more complete work of art than I am now, I need to do more weddings in readiness of mine (Faith is such), meet new people, build my business empire (sounds exciting) and my faith in God plus travel, have fun, let loose. I need to also work on my weaknesses and threats instead of whoring myself and worrying, if he is the one, he will come back to me, Amen. (you didn’t expect me to tell you how I will work on the time and distance bit)

When going to war, you need to be prepared; you need to have your bases covered. Include others in your walk where you feel you need help, attend a class, join the gym if you have dieting issues like some of us. Unless you are in a very very depressed state, your everyday challenge should be discovering something new and not shooting down feelings. Surround yourself with good reads, if the sight of books scare you, there are good blogs out there…you are allowed to bookmark this blog (self pimping), look at people who have gone before in whatever task you want to partake, look at what challenges did they faced. Technology has made it really easy to get a hold of some of these names, all you need to do is Google, tweet and you have their attention…you will be surprised but we are all role models, little eyes are always watching.

Remember if you choose your battles well, you will be a winner whether you physically win or lose. What battles are you fighting?  Feel free to email your issues to sitawa@sitawa.com, the most asked questions get a blog post response…put on your red bottom heels, little black dress, red nail polish and lets wage war, remember to whisper a prayer of protection when you leave and another of thanksgiving when you return. 

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