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Today I join a number of Kenyans for the Kenya ni Kwetu love protest...quoting from the event page 
'This is a call to action for all Kenyans to help build a better country where only leaders guided by the values that hold us together ascend to power, and strive to improve the livelihoods of the citizens, while upholding the Constitution.

The event shall be at Uhuru Park’s Freedom Corner followed by a peaceful procession to Parliament grounds. Bring your Kenyan flag and vuvuzela and help us sing out loud our national anthem.

"Kenya Is Our Home “My Voice, My Vote, Our Future” Kenya Ni Kwetu,Sauti Yangu,Kura Yangu, Maisha Yetu.'

I have  my personal interests too as I take on the streets this morning and I believe each and everyone of us should have personal interest in this country, interests as stakeholders, interests as owners...Kenya ni Kwetu, niko, upo?

Years back after (coincidentally working with Boniface Mwangi for the first time during the Picha Mtaani launch and seeing the post election pictures) I did a piece titled I know things (which I will be performing at my poetry night this Saturday after a short screening on healing the nation) where, I talk about the things we are going to do on the street today... realizing the power of one, knowing your rights, believing in the joy that comes in the morning...we have mourned for far too long...and today with that as my foundation, (and working with Bonnie again) I will walk the streets of Nairobi for myself, for my yet to be born baby, and  many other people but more so the following;

1. My grandma all the way in Kitale whose farm keeps getting attacked and word on the street is the local boys who everyone knows about and who are making a living out of it. You are allowed to apply your own logic here but mine pounds that the Ksh 80,000 of the Youth Fund that bought mandazis would have been good capital for these boys.

2. The girls in North Eastern who will benefit from the 100 girls in 100 days campaign (we raised Ksh 500,000 which will take 20 girls as opposed to the initial 100 target and the process will be repeated for the next four years) and many other such initiatives set out because area representatives who according to my piece I know things pieces, "I know about governance that represents the grassroots but have no idea how the root of the grass looks" 

3. All the noise I make about mental health...25% of Kenyans have a mental illness or are on their way to getting one...stress, depression and many other lifestyle diseases are on the raise and the health sector from the recent NHIF scam to lack of legislation, poor facilities lack of mental health services at the district level and so on and on are just among issues no one is paying attention to and the bulk is left to NGOs. There is no health without mental health, I said it once and I will say it again. As much as Mugo Kibati never replies my tweets, the social pillar is not going to be firm if health especially mental health, is not looked into. The whole percentage growth is down by 25% because this group has been openly ignored.

These are my main reasons for joining the love protest. I look forward to hearing why you support and oppose the protest which has police permission to take place. Join the conversation on twitter using #kenyanikwetu and #loveprotest

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