CAMPAIGN ALERT: 100 girls in 100 days PHASE 2

3:15:00 PM

Getting sanitary towels donation from Huma - Rotaract Nairobi Central
On the week of 20th February this year, by ACV-Kenya’s invitation, I had a very humbling experience. I visited three schools in Garissa that redefined marginalization; I heard of cases of early marriages, cases of parents riding on bride price to take boys to school, saw first hand lack of infrastructure among many other issues (Read about the Garissa visit). When I got back to Nairobi, I thanked God for my blessings and wanted to share each and everyone of them with all the children up there. So instead of sitting back, tweeting and dedicating a FB update like is custom of the better of us and thinking someone should do something, I decided to dedicate my 100 days (Mar 1 - June 8) and help run the campaign.

So on 1st March, we began a remarkable journey with an amazing launch, an exciting 100 days which saw us attend amazing events, build great partnerships, learn grand lessons and most of all create awareness. Special thanks to (in no particular order); Blue Heart Play, LLC Africa's Fashion Café, The Villagers Band, Events by Sitawa, Raspberry Adams, AISEC, Rotaract Muthaiga, Closet49, Rotaract Nairobi Central, Access Kenya, Skylux, Elegantly African, Healthy Woman Magazine, Nancie Mwai, She Cycles Nairobi/Triathlon team, Volunteers from Daystar, Matt Campana from Corporate Motivations, USA and Tim Walther of Grand Dynamics, USA and the many Kenyans of good will who those who bought merchandise and sent contributions on Pay Bill number – 913800.

Our initial plan was to take 100 girls to school by raising KES 10Million in 100 days (cost to take each girl for one year Ksh 25,000). When the campaign officially ended on June 8th, we had Ksh 485,290.00 (inclusive of pledges and sanitary towels contribution). With this amount we plan to take 20 girls to school for the first year and make this an annual campaign to see them through the four years so as to have continued dialogue and partnerships.

For the last two months, we focused on getting the pledges made and identifying the girls we will help. With the help of the office of the Director of Education in North Eastern Province, and local leaders, we were able to identify the following from Iftin Secondary;

Fozia A Idle
Leila Haret
Farhiya Noor Yussuf
Fatuma Ahmed Noor
Yurub Ali Arte
Timira Muhumed
Bishara Hassan Santur
Katra Ahmed
Isir Ahmed
Beryl Adhiambo
Halima Hassan Ibrahim
Fatuma salat Ibrahim
Zam Zam Omar
Fartun Ali Santur
Hafsa sheikh Abdullahi
Fartun Mohamed
Christiene Mueni
Najma Abdiwahab
Ruqiya Shariff
Katra Hussein

The girls are from different classes (Form 1-4) but are the most needy in the school. The plan is too see the ones in Form 1 through school and assist those in other classes and pick others along the way depending on the experience.

We look forward to engaging further with you in the duration of the next four years as we strive to provide opportunities for more children in need to access and complete secondary education. You can adapt a girl for Ksh 25,000 per year.

More information and pictures of the girls will be up on the official campaign site when we visit the school to hand over the cheques at the beginning of third term. Follow the campaign on twitter @100gals100days or simply talk to us using the tag #team100ke.

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