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Good morning beautiful souls,

Pray you had a lovely weekend.

As we gear towards World Mental Health Day, there are a few build up activities and one of them is Shining my Hospital. This is a week long activity that starts today and runs until the end of the week. The main purpose is for people to go into Mathari Hospital which is a National teaching and referral hospital offering specialized services in general and forensic psychiatry but mostly known for the latter, and see how the facilities are and what other services are offered. Many people who live in Nairobi have never been to Mathari and the most they know about it based on stories from other people and of course the CNN video.

Mathari Hospital was established in 1904 as a small pox isolation centre and later became known as The Lunatic Asylum operating under the Lunacy Act which had been implemented by colonial Kenya. In 1924, it was renamed Mathari Mental Hospital and this was later changed to Mathari Hospital in 1964 (Now Mathari Teaching and Referral Hospital). In 1978, the Maximum Security Unit was opened for law offenders with mental illness.

In 2003, the only Government owned rehabilitation centre for drug and substance abuse disorder treatment was started in the hospital with a bed capacity of 15 only admitting male patients. However, in 2008, the female ward was opened and the rehabilitative centre now has a bed capacity of 35 for male and 10 for female.

Mathari Hospital currently has 400 members of staff and a bed capacity of 700. It has grown to a centre for integrated services that includes a pediatric and adolescent psychiatric clinic, diabetic clinic, general outpatient services, maternal and child health clinic (MCH), voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), laboratory, Pharmacy, dental services, Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC), Mortuary, Radiology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and TB clinic.

That said, Mathari is not the only place persons with mental illnesses should be taken, people from all part of the country should not travel long distances just to take someone with mental illnesses to Mathari, there should be mental health care at the primary level. That is why we are fighting to have the Bill out as it will direct some of this things.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Mathari Hospital. Another way you can help Shine the Hospital is by giving any comments or suggestions about the facility and services offered, feel free to voice them is our constitutional right to get the highest attainable health care.

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