#Sitawaignited;Aug Recap & Sept invite

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Hosting the August Sitawa Ignited
Good Morning beautiful people,

Pray you are all doing GREAT, to tell you for free, I am counting my blessings, among them is the fact that I have the bestest best friend in the whole wide world, my blog gets really powerful hits...and I am not speaking numbers here plus less than two months ago I saw Swahili Shakespeare on TV and this Saturday, I have the honor of hosting this amazing man, Rabbit Kaka Sungura...if you have no idea what I am on about, watch this

About SitawaIgnited
Every last Saturday of the month, I organize a poetry night dubbed SitawaIgnited, which is an evening of poetry, wine and everything in between. Hands up if you were there for the August event which I have to admit was a BLAST!!!

The main guests for the evening where;

1. Chris Lyimo who is a took us through his journey as an alcoholic. It was an interesting and revealing discussion for everyone in the audience. It was good to host someone so open about their life and experience with alcohol and most of all their recovery journey. I remember at some point Chris told us, college interfered with his drinking, it was that serious a matter to him. The discussions got juicy when we read Chapter 6 of his book;My first sexual experience. It was an amazing old school trip, Carnivore and how girls tip toe out of bedrooms in the morning (...and most of girls looked away, I saw you all), studded ears, eye liner yes he did eye liner...you just need to get yourself a copy of that book retailing at 700 only to get the sweetness of what we got.

2. Blackskillz was the guest poet and he did wonders with his deep poetry which was a journey to self discovery.

3. Lele the band, where to start with this band...they sang 911 in Luo, I was a woman in love that evening...below is our rendition of Redemption Song

...there were also loads of things up for grabs; tickets to the Hay Festival, Dann Numba 8 Mwangi's Rebuilding CD and a free Boniface Mwangi's Heal the Nation CD plus glass of wine for everyone in the audience, not forgetting loads of laughter and dancing. See more pictures of the August event here.

The September Edition will be going down this Saturday, 29th from 5.30 - 8.30 pm...tickets are Ksh 300 as usual which includes a glass of wine.   RSVP on FB  and join the convo on Twitter #sitawaignited

PS: Lele have a gig on September 28th at The Michael Joseph Centre...see you there.

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