5 Must Watch #TED(x) Talks on #mentalhealth

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Good Evening Sweetlings,

Pray your first weekend of the month was SUPERLATIVE!!! Mine was going on well thanks to the above book given to me by a sweetling at the last #sitawaignited (a poetry nite I host) and got much better when I stayed up until 4 am tomorrow morning watching some #ted(x) videos thanks to hype on one of my twitter lists. I tried streaming but my connection wasn't strong enough so I opted to Youtube #TED talks and out of curiosity I typed #ted talks + mental health and a bunch of videos popped. I was uber excited especially when I saw my fav mental health crusader, Ruby Wax on the list. My previous (and long lasting) encounters with TED talks were Chimamanda's Danger of a Single Story which I quote in many of my talks and the Luxury of slowness by Indian poet, Tishani Doshi.

Below is my list of Top 5 Must Watch #TED(x) Talks on mentalhealth.

 1.Her majesty #intentionalsuperhero Alicia Raimundo (@asraimun) talk
Why: the #internationalsuperhero aspect of her talk and constant sharing. Stigma is one of the big blows in the mental health movement. Everyone has a negative opinion about people with mental health disorders. In the video, she mentions a discussion she had in the train about suicide that saved a guy who wanted to jump over the train and commit suicide.

My relation: As mental health crusaders, we need to keep the conversation going in the buses, in open spaces, in platforms given to us. As I heard how she 'saved' a life...I couldn't help but remember this blog some wrote for me Patrick Wayodi's blog: Saved by Sitawa Wafula

2. The second talk is by Andrew Steward, his voice is very faint by his story is not
WHY: Self awareness and support groups...In his talk he goes through how he discovered his mental health disorder, accounts of hallucination, suicidal thoughts, losing his job and many other things we are too familiar with and he also brings out the point of care givers needing care...Two quotes I loved from him is talk - When someone breaks their arm, we rush to sign their cast. When someone is diagnosed with mental illness, we run the other way and when my parents were there for me, no one was there for my parents.
My relation: When I did my "coming out" blog on my seizures - My Seizure Affair and the blog on how Kenyans can support Conjestina dubbed Conjestina is and will always be the Queen of Africa

3. This next lady is a my personal fav, Ruby Wax (@rubywax),
WHY: She makes having a mental health disorder a natural high, an enviable high at that...I laughed my head off during her talk. Mental health disorder is not a taboo, it is not rocket science...it is an illness like any other and Ruby drives the point home and beyond.
My relation: I do loads of mental health drives in school and other groups, I sit in many workshops and conferences and the ones with the most impact are those that saw people laugh and play games. The Kibera Wellness Centre is one such story where we learned, played football and open the centre.

4. Elyn Saks is an old lady who is a lawyer who has Schizophrenia which I have mentioned over and over in this blog.
WHY: Having a mental health disorder diagnosis is not a death threat, you can keep on doing what you love most despite. I also love the aspect of God that she brings across which was also raised by Andrew and restraints of a person with a mental health disorder...most of all is when she says she is not a schizophrenic, I got this to mean, we are not our illness, we are human first.
My relation:  She refers so much to her writing. I write too and it is thanks to my poetry that I got appointed as Mental Health Ambassador.

5. Vikram  Patel
WHY :  His task shifting concept in managing mental health...and his SUNDRA theme.
My Relation: Everyone has a part to play, we are all stake holders in this movement, from people who have a successful relationship with mental health disorders, caregivers, the society, governments, doctors

These are my best, go ahead and create your own list and share with me...lets keep the conversation going.

This coming week; Inhale, Exhale, SHINE!!!

Update: Uber excited that i got to meet Vikram Patel during his visit to Kenya in 2015 

and to be in conversation with Elyn Saks at her Saks Institute, University of Southern California during my month long speaking tour in the US in 2016

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